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Founded in 2012, RFP360 offers the only RFP management solution that improves the RFP process for issuers and responders, empowering organizations across the globe to form successful vendor-client partnerships

Lockton Case Study


To provide an even greater experience for their clients — and vendors — Lockton sought to streamline their request for proposal (RFP) process.

Lockton Case Study2019-08-26T13:38:00-05:00

RFP360 Adds Artificial Intelligence to Robust Search Engine


With the addition of AI, RFP360’s bulk auto-answer tool, KnowlEdge, will now provide more relevant responses to previously answered questions — resulting in improved accuracy, increased time savings, and ultimately, more effective RFPs and proposals.

RFP360 Adds Artificial Intelligence to Robust Search Engine2019-10-17T11:49:39-05:00

ihouse RFP Case Study


ihouse needed something easier and more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to implement an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them.

ihouse RFP Case Study2019-05-31T10:58:50-05:00

7 Steps to Creating Winning RFP Responses [Infographic]


There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for responding to proposals, but there are ways to ensure your response stands out across proposals. Take advice from the experts on how to approach responses to standard sections often found in RFPs.

7 Steps to Creating Winning RFP Responses [Infographic]2019-05-31T11:00:52-05:00
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