About Zach Spain

As RFP360’s senior marketing manager, Zach is responsible for marketing and sales operations and support. He brings a wide range of marketing experience, with a background in content and product marketing, corporate communications, and demand generation. He believes strongly in the power of data to drive smart, strategic decision-making.

Cegid Success Story


Cegid has doubled their sales proposal volume by using RFP360 to manage proposal content, leading to process-driven and easier-to-complete RFP responses.

Cegid Success Story2019-06-10T17:05:00-05:00

Technolutions Case Study


Now that Technolutions uses RFP360, they enjoy a much more efficient RFP response process that empowers them to create more effective proposals.

Technolutions Case Study2019-04-04T21:19:02-05:00

How to Write a Really Persuasive Proposal


Learn the 3 simple steps to more compelling content including what you should cover in each section of the proposal, how to get better responses from your reluctant SMEs, and how to make sure your content is consistent.

How to Write a Really Persuasive Proposal2019-10-03T16:56:05-05:00

7 Unexpected Procurement Software Questions To Ask


Shopping for procurement software can be overwhelming. This helpful article covers the 7 important (and less obvious) questions you should ask providers to help differentiate your options.

7 Unexpected Procurement Software Questions To Ask2019-10-03T17:04:16-05:00
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