RFP software solutions for corporate legal teams

Introduce a smarter way to issue and respond to RFPs — whether you need to appoint firms to your panel, source legal services, buy technology or add expertise to proposals or DDQs.


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We help legal departments add more business value.

  • Sourcing legal services
    Issue more effective RFPs and profiles so you can better evaluate law firm services, expertise, billing structure, delivery approach and more.
  • Purchasing technology
    Make informed, objective buying decisions as your organization acquires strategic IT solutions or your department invests in legal tech.
  • Developing sales proposals
    Collaborate with sales to answer RFP questions that require a legal perspective, so they can submit more accurate, successful proposals.
  • Manage due diligence questionnaires (DDQ)
    Quickly answer DDQs with quality responses or issue a DDQ to critically evaluate responses, ensuring that transactions move forward.
RFP360 corporate legal

Get ahead of three key legal RFP trends.

There’s a reason why the legal tech community is buzzing about RFP software — RFPs are everywhere. Discover how corporate legal teams are increasingly leveraging the RFP process to improve sourcing and procurement in their department and organization-wide.

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Software features you can count on.

RFP360 simplifies all of the tasks that surround RFPs and other information requests, so you can transform sourcing, procurement, proposal development and other processes:

RFP Legal

Issuing RFPs and firm profiles

  • Build, publish and distribute requests quickly and easily with better results
  • Communicate and negotiate easily with law firms in one secure platform
  • Evaluate proposals side by side using objective, data-driven scoring

Responding to RFPs

  • Support sales efforts by efficiently providing and approving legal answers
  • Demonstrate your value by engaging and improving the proposal process
  • Ensure that only approved, accurate legal knowledge is used in proposals
RFP Software
RFP Software

RFx development and administration

  • Manage and reuse RFP, RFI, RFQ and DDQ templates in a secure library
  • Invite law firms, LPO companies and other legal service providers to respond
  • Collaborate on RFP content, scoring criteria, evaluation and reporting

Our RFP software delivers added value and benefits.

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