Get connected with the RFP360 App for Slack.

Integrate RFP360 workflow and collaboration features with Slack to help your team stay on task, keep organized and work together even more efficiently.

Integrating RFP360 with Slack gives your team a real-time advantage.

Teams that use RFP360 for response management create better proposals that win more RFPs. They stay on task, keep organized and work together effortlessly.

The RFP360 App enhances our integrated, full circle approach to RFP software — putting proposal task reminders, notifications and messages instantly at your fingertips within Slack.

It’s our mission to help you simplify every task, meet every deadline and exceed every project expectation with purposeful, efficient features that are always there when you need them.

RFP360 Integrations

Boost productivity with automatically delivered Slack messages.

RFP360 Salesforce Integration

When important workflow, collaboration and communication events happen in RFP360, the system automatically sends a Slack message to the right people, letting them know that they have tasks to complete.

Simply click the link in the message to launch the proposal in RFP360. From there you can take action, whether that’s writing or approving an answer, reviewing an expert response and more.

Receive a range of helpful notifications with an RFP360 workspace.

Want to start using the RFP360 App for Slack?

To install the RFP360 App for Slack, you must be a current RFP360 customer. If you’re interested in learning more about our leading RFP management software, we can customize a demo for you anytime.

For existing customers, it takes just a few steps to add our app to Slack. You can read our online help article for detailed installation instructions. And our customer success team is always available to assist you.

RFP360 Salesforce Integration

Discover how RFP360 makes your daily routines more efficient.