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We won’t sugarcoat it. Almost everyone hates requests for proposals (RFPs). They waste your time, frustrate your coworkers, and baffle your vendors.

That ends now.

With RFP360 — the only end-to-end RFP management solution on the market today — writing RFPs, gathering responses, and scoring vendors is a breeze for everyone involved.

Welcome to the digital age, RFPs.

Full RFx functionality

RFPs don’t cover every situation. But don’t worry. RFP360 can help you manage any RFx — including requests for information (RFIs), requests for qualifications (RFQs), and more.

  • Easily find and reuse previous questions stored in your custom library.
  • Quickly create the perfect request with intuitive templates.
  • Eliminate version control issues by collaborating with internal teams in real time in a single document.
  • Prevent surprise delays by tracking vendor progress.

So, go ahead. Send the RFx that best addresses your needs. We’ve got your back.

Due diligence done right

Data security is critical. That’s why RFP360 helps you send out and evaluate vendor security using tools like due diligence questionnaires (DDQs).

  • Create custom, Excel-free questionnaires (including drop-down menus).
  • Track real-time vendor completion progress.
  • Tabulate scores automatically.
  • Store and organize all your vendors’ information and documents.
  • Track vendors’ responses over time — with a clear history of all interactions.

Strategic vendor selection

Just because you didn’t select a vendor today, doesn’t mean you should write them off entirely. RFP360 empowers you to create a digital vendor profile of up-to-date information so you’re always ready to re-evaluate.

  • Identify and shortlist vendors based on accurate, up-to-date information with dynamic profiles.
  • Eliminate the need to dig through multiple files and folders by keeping vendor information in a single, centralized location.
  • Ensure information is always current by empowering vendors to update their profiles at any time.
  • Segment and tag vendors by location, industry, or project so you can easily find the vendor you need for any situation.

You have endless options. We’ll help you make sense of them and find your best fit — fast.

Features that make your RFP evaluations easier

Improve vendor responses
Empower vendors to access discovery intel directly in the RFP. (With the client’s permission, of course.)

Understand your clients’ needs
Use client-submitted discovery information to create RFPs that answer their most pressing questions.

Increase collaboration
Empower your entire team of RFP writers and approvers to work in a single document.

Leverage intuitive frameworks
Use proven templates to manage any kind of procurement project, and customize response types to get the exact information you need.

Maintain your timeline
Track vendor progress and communicate directly within the RFP.

Identify the perfect vendor
Assign scores based on sections, and track their progress and notes in real time.

Prioritize responses
Use weighted scoring to appropriately evaluate each response based on impact.

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Features that make your RFP evaluations easier

You have one goal: Ensure the vendors you bring your clients are the best fit possible. Vendors have to meet your clients’ needs or they won’t feel satisfied.

Work within your client’s discovery document, along with them. Let them bring in as many stakeholders as they need.

With permission, message the needs noted in the client discovery with vendors in the context of the RFP.

Our centralized process means your team can author quickly, leveraging a library of approved RFP templates. Writers and approvers work together.

Work together
Engage stakeholders around the same version. Bring in as many writers and approvers as you need.

Maintain standards
Establish and control templates for different types of procurement projects.

Engage vendors, track progress, and manage communication directly through the application. Customize response types so you get the exact information you’re looking for.

Engage vendors
Invite respondents and track their progress. Communicate in context of the RFP or RFI.

Empower quality
Get the best results from your vendors by giving them tools to craft effective responses quickly.

With your evaluation team, score responses online, side-by-side. No more wading through binders or digging for specific answers.

Score RFP responses
Using your weighted scoring configurations, see how vendors compare in aggregate and across each section.

Track evaluators’ tasks
You specify which scorers evaluate what sections. See their progress and notes in real-time.

Vendors aren’t just suppliers, they’re partners. Get the facts to support your critical decisions. You can even see a history of RFP engagement by.

Negotiate with vendors
Ask vendors for clarification, more information, or reject specific responses.

Provide feedback
After your RFP responses are scored, you can provide detailed feedback to your responding vendors.

Vendor Profiles are key to vendor management. You can query responses anytime. Don’t use old data to make key decisions.

Maintain intelligence
Keep abreast of the changing marketplace by letting your vendors tell you when their capabilities change.

Short-list vendors
Compare related vendors side-by-side. With updated capabilities, your subsequent RFPs can be short and targeted.

Markets we serve

RFPs for Benefit Admins

Employee Benefits

Built for the entire process, RFP360 is the RFP management system designed to help brokers and consultants get the most out of their vendor evaluation. Even better, vendors across benefits categories — health, voluntary, wellness. pharmacy, retirement, and more — love working in the platform. That means better responses and more choices for your clients.

Human Resources RFP Response

HR Technology

Evaluation is a word made up of just five syllables, so why does that process seem so complicated when it comes to evaluating RFP responses? RFP360 enables end-to-end vendor evaluation — and supportable vendor selection — that provides holistic, side-by-side comparison tools for HR buyers. That math is summed up in two syllables: easy.

Finance RFPs


Rest assured, this isn’t “one-size-fits-all” RFx technology. RFP360 accounts for the needs of financial professionals involved in conducting RFxs and DDQs across the industry spectrum, including retirement, banking, investment banking, insurance, financial advisory services, and more. Gather data, evaluate responses, and ensure compliance. That’s strategic sourcing, done quickly.

Business Proposals

Emerging Business

You need an RFP management system that’s not constrained by the unique requirements defining your specific vendor need. Even better, you want flexible software that enables the entire RFx landscape beyond RFPs — RFI, RFQ, and RFB, for instance. And why not DDQs and surveys, too? Well, your wishlist is our command. RFP360 supports all that, and more, for any business. Especially yours.

RFP and Proposal Management Tool

Benefits, Whatever Your Role

For RFP360, full circle means an RFP management system that closes the gaps on proposal writing, gathering, evaluating, and selecting — while bringing into the loop everyone who should be involved.

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Communicate and collaborate
Centralizing the RFP process allows all stakeholders — both your internal team and any external clients — work together for consistency and requirement alignment, in a fraction of the time. Then engage directly with vendors within RFP360 throughout the process and in context.

Streamline writing, gathering, and evaluating
From template customization to vendor tracking to side-by-side weighting scoring tools — and everything in between — RFP360 is simplified and scalable end-to-end RFP management that empowers your team the whole way.

Drive informed decision-making
Vendor tools and freedom for you to prescribe specific response types mean better responses and superior vendor user experiences that don’t discourage them.

Encourage vendor responses
Remove perceived barriers that discourage vendor participation. RFP360’s vendor-centric tools mean better responses that hit the mark while providing vendors the efficiency that leaves a lasting impression. In short, they love the platform.

Ensure client confidence
Better responses that align with key client requirements means data-driven decisions and client satisfaction. That’s what RFP360 enables. And that’s a recipe for retention and referrals.

Collect vendor intelligence
With quick, comprehensive responses come the full breadth of RFP360’s evaluation and analytics tools, which allows client-consultant collaboration for shorter timelines, less administration overhead, and supportable decision-making.

Enable collaboration and consistency
Customize templates to ensure consistency across projects while fostering collaboration by stakeholder within specific proposals, not in email threads or messaging apps.

Ensure visibility
Start by tracking the progress of internal collaborators in the early stages, then invite vendors and monitor their progress so you get the responses you’re looking for. With that 360-degree clarity, empower your team to evaluate vendors and compile real-time data intelligence.

Simple pricing, no surprises.
Flexible plans that fit your unique team – no matter how many RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, and DDQs you send.

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