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While winning RFPs was critical to the continued growth and success of Rave Mobile Safety, their RFP process didn’t meet the needs of a key market segment.

The problem? Higher education institutions and government agencies required answers to hundreds of technical questions, and Rave Mobile Safety’s manual RFP response process made answering those questions cumbersome and time-consuming.

To address this issue, they sought a solution that would empower their team to quickly and comprehensively respond to these requests.

Scott McGrath, Rave’s Public Safety Solutions Architect, who is responsible for overseeing the majority of the RFP process, reviewed several RFP response tools.

To his dismay, he found most software fit in one of two categories. The first encompassed solutions that were too simple. These platforms made it difficult to add questions and search for responses. The second featured platforms that were too complex. These large sales proposal tools often offered unnecessary functionality at a high price.

In order to kick the manual habit and streamline the response process, Scott knew he had to keep looking for a better solution.

Fortunately, as soon as Scott found RFP360, everything changed. 

“Once I had the opportunity to demo the product, I never looked back,” he said. “Other than the company I work for, perhaps, RFP360 is the most responsive vendor I’ve ever worked with. The service is as great as it could possibly be … it’s the best tool on the market.”

Rave touts the export feature and its ability to render completed Word or Excel responses with standardized formatting.

Given that the capability eliminates up to half a day of reformatting time per RFP response, it’s no wonder the team is happy.

Ultimately, RFP360 gives the team plenty to rave about.

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