CareHere specializes in providing on-site healthcare through employers.

  • Industry:
  • Use Case:
    Responding to RFPs
  • Volume:
    Over 100 RFPs annually

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CareHere responds to more than 100 RFPs each year, usually with only two to five weeks to prepare and submit their proposal. Their previous RFP process couldn’t support that volume.

“Trying to manage a library of past RFP responses to create new content for new proposals worked for a while, but we knew we needed a better way to respond to RFPs,” said Brandon Fyffe, Business Development Associate at CareHere.

An automated solution was the obvious answer.

“We said, ‘There’s got to be a software that can help — that can make all this centralized and show real-time editing,’” Brandon explained.


CareHere selected RFP360 for three key reasons.

“We chose RFP360 because we needed to better manage our content, quickly find our best responses, and win more deals,” Brandon said. “RFP360 has exceeded our expectations.”

CareHere even recommends other businesses consider using RFP360 to manage their RFP process.

“There are a lot of people out there who know that RFP software exists, but they think they’re too small to have it or to make good use of it,” Brandon said. “All they see is the cost. They don’t consider that if it saves them an hour or two per response, that that really adds up. We need to focus on how much more business we can win with the time saved.”

According to Brandon, the purpose-built features and functionality are key.

“There’s a lot of workarounds for not having RFP management software, but they’re just not the right tool for the job,” he said. “You need something like RFP360 that’s specifically made for RFP responses.”

“It’s definitely made us more efficient. RFP360 has given us back our time and allowed us to really pick and choose our projects. We’re not frantic anymore.”

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Impact to the client

Thanks to RFP360, CareHere now has the time to focus on providing quality RFP responses.

“It’s definitely made us more efficient. RFP360 has given us back our time and allowed us to really pick and choose our projects,” Brandon said. “We’re not frantic anymore. We can take a deep breath, focus on being strategic, and make sure we’re choosing the right projects and providing quality responses.”

How much time does RFP360 save?

“I can respond to twice as many RFPs in the same amount of time,” Brandon said.

With that kind of time-savings, CareHere can meet even the most ambitious deadlines.

“The platform makes responding so fast, now one-week turnaround times don’t scare me a bit,” Brandon said.

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