Deploying RFP response software boosts productivity by 85 percent

PlanSource provides a cloud-based solution for benefits administration and human capital management.

  • Industry:
    HR Technology
  • Use Case:
    Responding to RFPs
  • Volume:
    Approximately 20 RFPs annually

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Responding to RFPs was wasting too much time … without delivering results.

“People who were already very busy at their jobs spent far too much time providing RFP responses, only to have us lose the project anyway,” said Michael Makatura, Sr. Director of Analytics & Sales Operations at PlanSource.


PlanSource identified RFP360 as the solution that best addressed their needs.

“PlanSource needed a tool that would help us be more effective … that would empower our people, process, and technology,” Michael said. “RFP360 was that solution.”

After becoming more familiar with RFP360’s capabilities, Michael now touts the solution’s benefits and hopes more organizations will take advantage of the innovative technology.

“We implemented RFP360 a little over a year ago and are hoping it becomes the standard for all brokers to issue RFPs to vendors,” he said. “It provides all parties within the RFP process a productive, seamless experience that significantly reduces the amount of time spent.”

“Since implementation, our productivity has increased by 85 percent, and our throughput has increased by 200 percent. We’re accomplishing more with less effort.”

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Impact to the client

PlanSource saw a measurable reduction in time spent responding to RFPs.

“Since implementation, our productivity has increased by 85 percent, and our throughput has increased by 200 percent,” Michael explained. “We’re accomplishing more with less effort. RFP360 has been a key enabler in addressing our RFP challenge.”

Additionally, RFP360 empowered PlanSource to develop stronger relationships with organizations that issue RFPs.

“We believe implementing RFP360 has deepened our partnership with our RFP issuers,” Michael said. “The platform allows us to be more efficient and precise in our RFP responses, providing issuers with an even better bidding experience.”

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