Measuring the value of RFP software

RFP software ROI – How to evaluate and increase the benefits of digital proposal management

RFP software is transforming the way buyers and sellers connect. But, what is that transformation worth? And how do you calculate the value of RFP software?

Measuring ROI is an important step in any technology purchase. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before you select an RFP software solution, download this guide to learn how to calculate and validate your investment.

Download this ebook to explore:

  • How RFP software delivers value
  • Why measuring ROI is important
  • How to measure RFP software ROI
  • RFP software user study results
  • RFP technology features that maximize value

Empowered with technology, procurement and proposal managers improve how they issue and answer requests. Subsequently, better collaboration and transparency builds closer buyer-vendor relationships. The end result? More successful partnerships and projects.