RFP360 for strategic sourcing


Full-circle RFP software that delivers superior results.

Your team’s under a lot of pressure. It’s not easy to source the right product, technology or service for your organization. And choosing the wrong vendor or supplier is costly.

Instead of making things easier, typical RFPs complicate the process. Inefficient spreadsheets, unstructured documents, disorganized email messages, outdated contact lists, subjective evaluation criteria. Technologies that you thought would help only add to the stress.

The good news is — there’s a better way to issue and manage information requests.

One that’s organized, fast, effective and 100 percent electronic from start to finish. RFP360 is leading this full-circle RFP evolution — a true transformation — where every step is digital.

Your team drives the process, publishing an RFP, inviting vendors, collecting proposals and evaluating responses — all inside RFP360. Vendors then respond in RFP360, easily developing answers, messaging you with questions, submitting final proposals and much more.

Creation, collaboration and communication all happen effortlessly in a single place, our unique, cloud-based solution.

  • Build complex RFPs in minutes with easy-to-use, purpose-built features
  • Leverage a template library to simplify and standardize every request
  • Collect advanced, structured data in tables with formulas and lists
  • Establish clear scoring criteria to ensure objective, data-driven decisions
  • Invite vendors to respond in RFP360 and track their progress
  • Improve vendor management by centralizing your contact database
  • Work together in one place — stakeholders, vendors and scorers
  • Surface data trends that inform spend management initiatives
  • Get a real-time project overview so you always stay on track
  • Conduct side-by-side evaluations using innovative comparison tools

Not only does RFP360 empower you to collect information more efficiently and effectively than ever before, you’ll save time, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Your invited vendors also will save time and effort — increasing participation because RFP360 makes it so simple for them to respond. They’ll be more engaged too, supplying you with the exact answers you need to make great strategic buying decisions.

If you’re ready to fix a broken process or replace a current solution that’s not delivering the experience you and your vendors deserve, we’re ready to help.