RFP360 overview


Full-circle, integrated software that does it all.

The RFP process is broken.

It’s overly complicated, too time-consuming and rarely organized.

And it’s flawed from the outset — the moment an organization decides to issue a request. The typical RFP takes weeks to develop in an unstructured, unmanaged format like Excel or Word before it’s tossed over the fence to a hit-or-miss list of vendors.

If that RFP is actually caught by an interested vendor, their frustrating chain of events begins. Wasting time searching through previous proposals, rewriting answers from scratch, chasing approvals, working 24-7 to meet quick deadlines.

And like most every business routine, technologies promise to make it better. But there’s a fundamental problem with them too. The market is saturated with stand-alone, point solutions that support either one or the other. Issuing or responding.

We speak to organizations every day who are frustrated with these solutions, because they understand that the RFP process is not a siloed, straight-line activity.

It requires a full-circle, integrated approach that seamlessly connects teams requesting information with those who respond to their requests in a single, cloud-based platform. After all, the ultimate goal of the RFP process is finding a relationship where both sides win.

Collaborating, communicating, sharing knowledge and staying organized anywhere, anytime is the only way for everyone involved to get what they need.

We designed RFP360 to do just that — bring both processes closer together so organizations that issue RFPs make the best possible buying decision, and companies that respond to RFPs win more business.

We understand the problem, and we’re here to fix it.