Should it be an RFP guide

Six options for your next procurement project

Requests for proposals (RFPs) should be a strategic tool for procurement teams. Unfortunately, far too often, RFPs are used in situations for which they’re not well suited. The result? Frustrated vendors and time-consuming RFP creation and evaluation for your procurement team.

Adopting new processes for different types of procurement projects can improve efficiency. Not only that, but it can also help ensure more successful outcomes. Selecting the right process starts with identifying the goal of your project. 

Explore the recommended process for each of the six most common procurement goals:

  • Purchase justification
  • Motivate current vendor
  • Explore new solutions
  • Get the lowest price
  • Build a partnership
  • Hire an expert

With the right tools, you can make the RFP process strategic again. Download the guide to discover the benefits and efficiency of each procurement tool.