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Think back to your last proposal.

How many hours did you spend tracking down subject matter experts (SMEs) and digging through old documents to find the content you needed? How much time did you spend at the office when you should have been at home?

That ends now.

With RFP360 — the only end-to-end request for proposal (RFP) management solution on the market today — responding to RFPs is easy. And most importantly, it’s fast.

This is the proposal management hack
you’ve been dreaming of.

Full RFx functionality

Responding to RFPs is confusing enough. But when you throw requests for information (RFIs) and requests for quotations (RFQs) in the mix, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately, RFP360 makes it easy to respond to any RFx.

  • Save, find, and reuse content with a custom Knowledge Base.
  • Work with your coworkers on the same version of a single document.
  • Assign questions, track progress, and automate reminders.

Due diligence done right

Due diligence isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but it is critical — to secure funding, complete mergers and acquisitions, form strategic partnerships, and more.

Whether you’re responding to due diligence questionnaires (DDQs), compliance questions, SaaS questionnaires, or any other security document, RFP360 empowers you to:

  • Assign questions and track progress.
  • See who wrote what and when they wrote it.
  • Store past responses and boilerplate content in your Knowledge Base.
  • Check how long it’s been since stored responses were last updated.
  • Flag stored answers for review and assign content owners.
  • Set up recurring review cycles so Knowledge Base content stays up to date.

Give yourself — and your team — a head start

If you’re starting from scratch with every proposal, you’re wasting your time.

RFP360’s Knowledge Base allows you to store and reuse past responses and boilerplate content so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you respond to an RFP.

  • Centralize all of your organization’s content into a single source of truth.
  • Segment and tag your content by location, topic, or product line.
  • Filter by writer, tag, or topic so you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Check who wrote what and when.

Features that make your RFP responses easier

Respond to any RFP
Is your RFP in Word, Excel or PDF? No problem. Just upload the document into RFP360 and get to work.

Keep everyone on task
Set email notifications and reminders to keep your team focused and moving forward.

Empower team success
Assign sections or questions to your writers and approvers.

Maintain your timeline
Track when responses are answered and by whom.

Increase collaboration
Empower your entire team of RFP writers and approvers to work in a single document. You can even ask questions and send messages directly in the RFP.

Answer repeat questions once and for all
Add responses and boilerplate content to your Knowledge Base for future use.

Find the content you need — the moment you need it
Use the RFP360 search engine to quickly find and reuse relevant past responses and boilerplate content.

Keep accurate, up-to-date content at hand
Set up ongoing review cycles for Knowledge Base content, and flag outdated content for review.

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Features that make your RFP responses easier

Outdated information can open you up to risk, and keep you from winning deals. We’ll help you keep your content fresh.

Filter and flag for review
Quickly filter for content that hasn’t been reviewed in a while, and “flag” for review.

Set review cycles
You can also assign content owners and set up ongoing review cycles.

It’s important to know who is working on what, and how much has been done. RFP360 makes it easy with real-time visibility.

Track tasks
Assign each section or question to your writers & approvers. Maintain accountability for every response.

Monitor progress
Check progress through simple graphs. Leverage email notifications and reminders to keep your team focused and moving forward.

You receive RFPs in all kinds formats. That’s why we make it easy to upload any type of RFP.

Upload Microsoft Word & Excel
Quickly map and upload your Word or Excel file format RFP.

Upload PDFs
Uploading PDFs is no problem either.

Search, select, edit. If you’re spending more than a few seconds looking for content, you’re not working as productively as you could be.

Search knowledge
Instantly search your Knowledge Base. Our search engine enables you to find and reuse relevant past responses.

Target content
Start with a standard response, then modify for your client’s situation.

Markets we serve

RFP Management for Benefit Admins

Employee Benefits

If we’re being honest, RFP responses are too often a necessary evil for vendors and benefits providers. Built to streamline proposal process, RFP360 adds efficiency — and increases win rates — across benefits categories: health, voluntary, wellness. pharmacy, retirement, and more. It can be easier. That’s the truth.

Human Resources RFP Response

HR Technology

Imagine if RFP responses — or RFI and RFQ — required less effort with greater return on that investment. That’s reality with RFP360, which empowers human resources technology marketers, proposal coordinators, and subject matter experts to manage proposals through strategic collaboration. The results: effective, efficient responses. For the win.

Finance RFPs


This isn’t “one-size-fits-all” proposal software technology. RFP360 accounts for the unique needs of financial professionals who respond to RFx and due diligence questionnaires. Collaborate, become empowered, and ensure consistent responses for better results. They don’t have to be time consuming — or have to consume you or your team.

Business Proposals

Emerging Business

RFP360 is designed with full-scale flexibility that goes full circle. That’s marketing-speak for our simple vision: a platform that helps providers from just about any industry manage all their response types — not just RFPs. Combine the best parts of past responses with tailored answers that lead to better outcomes. Simple.

Benefits by Role RFP Proposals

Benefits, Whatever Your Role

We recognize that the best responses are team efforts. RFP360 makes enlisting all your necessary stakeholders on their specific items a cinch — and without per-user costs.

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Enjoy real-time visibility
Track proposal completion progress for all contributors — no meetings required. Encourage instant accountability with full-scope visibility and reporting.

Keep knowledge sacred
A centralized, single source of truth Knowledge Base means the latest and greatest version is cataloged. Rest assured nothing is lost, outdated, or unavailable when when it’s needed.

Get instant answers
AI-powered search engine filters data, ranking your content results according to relevance and predictive machine learning matches. Find exactly what you’re looking for, instantly, without the clutter.

Access actionable analytics
Know what’s working and where the hiccups exist in your process by tracking proposal productivity — time spent writing content and hours saved reusing that content, for example — and drill-down stats on specific proposals and individual contributors.

Cut to the chase and reuse your best work
AI-powered search engine helps you find past responses in your custom Knowledge Base, which is automatically enhanced by each new or updated content approval. That means no wading through too-broad search results. No detective work. No waiting on SMEs to reply. The answers you need are always accessible.

Enable collaboration and progress visibility
Easily assign writers to their sections and questions and track progress, while all contributors work within a single master proposal version. With RFP360, collaboration lives inside the platform, not in email threads or messaging apps.

Ensure quality control
Get the right eyes on every question by assigning each question to a specific approver. Once they give the thumbs up, it’s good to go.

Encourage focus
RFP360 eliminates the constant checkins SMEs face by capturing responses and making them available to rest of the team anytime. Translation: no more proposal coordinators hovering nearby waiting for a status update.

Say it once
Don’t answer the same question more than once. RFP360 catalogs it the first time and makes it available for future use, so you can focus on writing unique, impactful responses that help win business.

Work with your team
Stop writing in a silo. See exactly what other contributors are working on and easily collaborate or ask questions within RFP360.

Set an alarm
Set review dates on your content. As the owner, you’ll be prompted when you need to make updates.

Simple pricing, no surprises.
Flexible plans that fit your unique team — with no limit on the number of RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, DDQs,
and security questionnaires you can respond to.

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