If you’re searching for new benefits administration software, you’re not alone.

According to BerniePortal, “As the millennial presence in the workforce increases, so does the demand for online benefits administration software. While decision-makers in previous generations expected paperwork, this new demographic expects online access to services such as benefits administration. This cultural shift places pressure on brokers to find and adopt software in order to stay relevant the market.”

For most companies, finding technology that meets these new expectations involves issuing a request for proposal (RFP). But how can you ensure your benefits administration RFP is worth your while?

9 tips for writing an effective benefits administration RFP

How RFP360 can help

After six years of simplifying RFPs for vendors and evaluators, RFP360 developed a deep understanding of what it takes to craft RFPs that inspire insightful proposals … and we’ve used that knowledge to create a solution users love. RFP software for healthcare benefits and insurance makes both issuing and responding to RFPs easier.

“Using RFP360 allows us to focus on the most important aspects of the RFP and makes managing vendor information much more straightforward,” said Mark Rieder, SVP of HR Technologies and Benefits Administration at NFP.

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