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Our customers create efficient, effective proposals in less time with RFP360.

Calculate the value of RFP software

RFP software is a valuable investment. Explore how to evaluate and increase the benefits of digital proposal management.

proposal productivity metrics and dashboard

Easily track your return on investment

As you build your knowledge library and leverage proposal automation to suggest RFP answers, you save valuable time. RFP360’s proposal metrics track exactly how much time you saved on each proposal.

Not only does it make calculating ROI easy, but you will be able to better evaluate resources and workloads while seeing the impact of your process improvements.

A customer’s perspective on RFP software benefits

In a recent conversation about RFP collaboration, Besty Cummings, proposal manager at TalkDesk, surfaced some incredibly insightful data related to time savings and productivity. The webinar is available on demand, so you can hear Talkdesk’s value story and uncover some best practices to improve your own efficiency.

proposal productivity metrics and dashboard

Huge productivity gains

“We respond to 85 percent more RFPs this year than we did last year, and we increased our advancement rate by 9 percent — and that’s with 40 percent of our responses still pending. We couldn’t have done that without RFP360.”

Erica Clausen-Lee, InfoMart Chief Strategy Officer

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