RFP project management for sales and business development

Our proposal collaboration software gives you the edge you need to win business through RFPs while spending less time responding to them.

Get on the fast track to winning more RFPs.


Your efforts drive the success of your organization. Though you’re used to the pressure, growing revenue is a constant challenge.

Whether you’re surfacing new opportunities or trying to close deals, responding to RFPs the right way can provide the extra source you need.

RFP360 makes it easy for you to get RFP results without the traditional RFP headaches — so you can win more with less effort.

We’re invested in your success.

With RFP360, you can create more efficient, effective proposals in less time.

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  • Take advantage of more opportunities.
    Participate in twice as many RFPs on average.

  • Organizations increase their win rate.
    Meet your strategic growth goals.
  • Sales teams report doubling pipeline value.
    Close deals and win more business.
  • Customers report cutting response time in half.
    Reduce the effort and cost of responding.

Automate work and respond faster to RFPs.

Taking quick action is essential when opportunity knocks. With RFP360, you can import an RFP in minutes, automatically complete questions using AI, engage subject matter experts in one place, fill in content gaps in a few clicks and track progress in real time.

You’ll never have to start from scratch again, chase down colleagues or sift through documents and spreadsheets for answers. And whether you’re a team of one or many, you can respond to every RFP in record time.

RFP360 RFP Knowledge
RFP360 Customer Success

Stay on task with RFP project management.

The moment you identify an RFP you want to respond to, RFP360 helps you speed up the proposal process, guiding your team through every step. Assigning writing and approval tasks and deadlines is simple. Adjustments are easy too.

Dynamic workflow is then applied automatically, notifying users of assignments, sending alerts when tasks are ready to be worked on and reminding them of deadlines. And with our project dashboard, you get a live, instant picture of the entire process.

Responding to more RFPs pays off as a growth strategy.

When they decided to respond to more RFPs to expand their business, CerpassRX knew they had a problem to deal with first — a slow and difficult process. So they turned to RFP360.

“What would have taken 70 work hours to get an RFP out the door, maybe now is 20 or less with RFP360. That’s freed up our subject matter experts to focus on account management, call center, operations and other tasks, and allowed me to generate new business.”

– Eric McKinnon, senior vice president of sales for CerpassRx

RFP360 CerpassRX case study

Improve knowledge management for better results.

Centralizing all of your RFP responses in one library delivers immediate benefits — speeding proposal development, providing a single source of truth, simplifying approvals, getting out of inefficient documents or spreadsheets and more.

All the answers you need are there, managed and organized in one place. You’re empowered to constantly improve them too. You can set up regular review cycles, dive into usage data and access your expert knowledge in other applications.

RFP360 RFP Knowledge
RFP360 Customer Success

Simplify every step with proposal collaboration.

With every RFP that crosses your path, you have to decide whether it’s worth your time. We make that decision easier by making it easy to respond, bringing people, knowledge, workflow and automation together in a single hub.

Everyone involved in an RFP project can collaborate and communicate effortlessly, eliminating the time-consuming hassles that used to make you think twice about responding. Working together within the context of every proposal is so efficient, you save time every time.