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Upgrading Employee
Benefits RFPs

Software built for the entire RFP process

Delivering Value in Employee Benefits

RFP360 helps Brokers & Consultants manage all aspects of RFP Issuing and RFP Responding. RFP360 delivers a platform that benefits everyone in the industry: Consultants, Vendors, Clients.

  • Streamline – Communicate seamlessly with your team, clients & vendors
  • Empower – Equip vendors with tools they need to respond effectively & efficiently
  • Add Value – Ensure clients receive the best responses and instill confidence

With over 500 vendors responding to RFPs in RFP360, you can engage solution providers in dozens of categories, from Health, HR, Voluntary, Wellness, Pharmacy, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Retirement and more.

Benefits by role

Client Retention

Vendor Selection & Carrier Marketing starts with gathering critical requirements. RFP360 helps you with Client Discovery, Vendor Profiles and RFPs to gather proposals and evaluate vendors.

Issue RFPs
Employee Benefits RFPs

Client Growth

Responding to Broker RFPs is time-consuming, but critical to new client growth. Leverage past responses faster and collaborate with your team to create tailored responses that win.

Respond to RFPs
RFP360 Vendor Management

Vendor Intelligence

Support your clients and stakeholders effectively by gathering vendor and carrier responses quickly. Compare capabilities, pricing and view facts side-by-side to make informed decisions.

Work Together
Consulting teams and clients can work together to easily evaluate responses. Add value by shortening timelines and reducing administrative tasks.

Support Decisions
Set the criteria for evaluation and engage your scorers. Present decision-makers with summary and detailed reports.

HR Proposal Dashboard

New Client Growth

Respond efficiently to Employee Benefits Broker RFPs with an intelligent Knowledge Base. Collaborate, reuse and share content across Offices and Practice Areas. Tell your story more consistently and differentiate yourself.

Build Practice Area Hierarchies
Structure parent and sub-accounts hierarchy to share content across offices.  Partition across offices for enhanced control and reporting.

Leverage Past Responses
Instantly search your Knowledge Base to answer commonly asked questions. Spend more time crafting client specific responses that add value to your proposal.


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