It’s finally starting to happen. Traditionally archaic procurement and vendor management processes are joining the rest of the world in the Digital Age.

But as much as this shift presents an opportunity for businesses, it also presents challenges. How do organizations identify which solutions are right for them?

Vendor management software secrets 

How RFP360 can help

RFP360’s full-circle RFP management platform empowers organizations to streamline the RFP process so they can focus on selecting the right supplier and forming mutually beneficial relationships.

“RFP360 helps us automate and focus on core business. Now, we can categorize, search, and profile providers, which helps us understand who would be the most appropriate vendors to invite to a particular RFP,” said Mark Rieder, SVP of HR technologies and benefits administration at NFP. “We’re shortlisting faster, and we’re being a true partner to our vendors. It’s a win-win.”