Proposal automation for response management

When your aim is to respond to and win more RFPs, the fastest way to reach your goal is by automating the time-consuming proposal tasks that slow you down.

Create proposals quickly

Automate answers

Respond to more RFPs

With a smarter approach to proposal development, reaching your RFP and business goals is automatic.

There’s a simple reason for implementing RFP software. It makes responding to a request for proposal simple. Well, at least we think it should.

Keeping previous RFP answers in one knowledge library so you can quickly find and reuse them introduces a ton of efficiency. Though, we think it should do more.

In addition to making it incredibly easy to manage knowledge, RFP360 speeds proposal creation, automatically finds the right answers and more — doing work for you, intelligently.

Proposal Automation software
proposal dashboards and reporting

Give your team a well-deserved head start.

From the moment you launch a new proposal, RFP360 saves your team time. You can easily import an RFP you receive in Word, Excel or PDF formats, quickly upload your own framework or reuse a previous proposal. If you want to build a completely new proposal outline, we make that simple too. Add headers, sections, subsections and questions in a few clicks.


Answer RFP questions automatically with AI.

Once you create an outline, answer intelligence goes to work behind the scenes to analyze the questions you need to answer. It then serves up content from your knowledge library that’s a perfect match, along with other suggested responses. Select the answers you want or use them all. Either way, before you even start writing, your team is automatically ahead of schedule. 

RFP Knowledge Management
RFP Automation

The benefits and myths of RFP automation.

From paying bills to setting your thermostat, day-to-day life is becoming increasingly automatic. So is the business world and processes like responding to RFPs. A recently published article outlines the key things you’ll want to know about this transformation.

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Keep your proposals moving forward.

When you use RFP360, the system does things like sending task reminders and routing answers to approvers automatically. It also puts important metrics right in front of you, so you can see the progress and status of a proposal at a glance from your dashboard. With these details taken care of, you’ll deliver winning proposals in record time.

Proposal Generation
RFP Automation

Export proposals easily or submit them online.

After you’ve wrapped up your project, you can quickly export your proposal in a number of ways. You can format it for Word and Excel or return it to the original format in which you received it. Because organizations also use our platform to issue RFPs, you can submit your proposal electronically with just one click if you’re responding to an RFP360-generated request.

Discover how RFP360 makes you more automated and efficient.