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Who we are and what we stand for


For years, organizations managed requests for proposals (RFPs) using paper, Excel, and email … and it was painful.

We know. We lived it.

That is until our co-founders — Dave Hulsen and Stu Ludlow — had a conversation that changed everything.

Dave was issuing RFPs and couldn’t believe how archaic it was. Stu was responding to RFPs and found the process equally frustrating.

When they discussed their challenges, they realized they had a unique opportunity — an opportunity to improve RFPs for everyone involved.

Now, RFP360 delivers something RFPs desperately need: innovative technology.

See for yourself

Our vision
We’re motivated by a hunger to show the world that with innovative technology that harnesses the power of big data and artificial intelligence, RFPs can uncover uniquely insightful information … and provide a positive experience to everyone involved.


RFP360 is the only RFP management software provider to serve RFP issuers and responders.

We’re proud to boast a client base of forward-looking, tech-savvy organizations that refuse to settle for outdated RFP processes and workflows.

  • 23,000 users.
  • 500+ organizations.
  • 4 continents.


Stuart Ludlow

Stuart Ludlow

Co-Founder / CTO

Stuart is the technical co-founder of RFP360. As the technical lead, he is responsible for the product lifecycle loop from software development through customer feedback.

Dave Hulsen

Dave Hulsen

Co-Founder / COO

David is a co-founder and business director of RFP360. He is responsible for sales and marketing, client services, and financial operations. David has a history of issuing and responding to RFPs as a technology consultant.

Bob Green

Bob Green

Investor & Director

Bob is an RFP360 board member, investor, and advisor. As a former Fortune 100 chief executive officer, Bob has extensive experience in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory and legislative strategies.

Barri Horn

Barri Horn

Marketing Director

Barri is the Marketing Director at RFP360. She is responsible for branding the company, driving inbound content marketing activities and increasing overall demand.

Brian Coatney

Brian Coatney

Sales Director

Brian is the Sales Director at RFP360. He is responsible for overseeing all inside and outbound sales activities to drive revenue across both new and existing business lines.

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