Need the best answer? RFP360 finds it for you.

When a new RFP comes your way, or you just need to find a quick response, answer intelligence (AI) technology serves up the knowledge you need instantly and automatically.

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Automatically fill in proposal responses, and knowledge gaps too.

There’s a simple reason for implementing RFP software. It makes answering a request for proposal simple. Well, at least we think it should.

Keeping previous RFP answers in one knowledge library so you can quickly find and reuse them introduces a ton of efficiency. Though, we think it should do more.

In addition to making it incredibly easy to manage knowledge, RFP360 automates responses, uncovers duplicates and surfaces answers — doing work for you, intelligently.

RFP Management

With answer intelligence from RFP360, response automation is as simple as:

Automate proposal responses and improve answer quality.

Online RFPs

The moment you start working on a proposal, RFP360 is ready to save you time, energy and headaches — and find responses that stand out. Answer intelligence makes it possible by suggesting options from your knowledge library that best match the questions you need to answer.

So with a simple click, you can turn out proposals faster and better than ever.

Identify duplicate information in your knowledge library.

When you’re busy developing expert responses to RFPs and other requests, it can be a real challenge to maintain a perfectly curated knowledge library.

Using answer intelligence, RFP360 helps you find closely related knowledge items instantly, so you can quickly eliminate the outdated or duplicate proposal content that gets in the way of efficiency and quality.

Online RFPs

Speed access to better knowledge organization-wide.

Online RFPs

Whether you’re using RFP360 or a Microsoft Office application that leverages our knowledge extensions, answer intelligence technology is operating transparently behind the scenes to streamline your experience.

AI-driven search automatically suggests knowledge based on what you’re working on, so you always have the right answer at your fingertips.

Delivering smarter benefits by design.

We built intelligent features into our platform with one goal in mind, making the proposal process as effortless as possible:

Discover how RFP360 helps your organization work more intelligently.

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