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Case studies

  • Lockton
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    Lockton Success Story
    To provide an even greater experience for their clients — and vendors — Lockton sought to streamline their request for proposal (RFP) process.
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    PlanSource Success Story
    At PlanSource, responding to RFPs was wasting too much time … without delivering results.
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    National Geographic Learning | Cengage Success Story
    National Geographic Learning | Cengage saw their RFP volume jump to more than 120 RFPs per year. The skyrocketing RFP influx completely overwhelmed the small team, who was managing the myriad of responses via email.
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    CareHere Success Story
    CareHere responds to more than 100 RFPs each year, usually with only two to five weeks to prepare and submit their proposal. Their previous RFP process couldn’t support that volume.
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    NFP Success Story
    Before partnering with RFP360, NFP relied on outdated RFP processes that caused frustration and wasted time.
  • Mitratech
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    Mitratech RFP Success Story
    Mitratech couldn’t afford to deliver anything less than secure, accurate, and exact RFP responses. But their proposal management system — a hodgepodge of shared drives, spreadsheets, project management tools, and manual calendar alerts — wasn’t cutting it.
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    ihouse RFP Success Story
    ihouse needed something easier and more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to implement an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them.
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    Rave Mobile Safety RFP Success Story
    While winning RFPs was critical to the continued growth and success of Rave Mobile Safety, their RFP process didn’t meet the needs of a key market segment.
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