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AEG Worldwide

AEG Worldwide uses RFP360 to streamline the strategic sourcing and purchasing process for affiliate organizations around the globe.

Building trust and delivering value to clients and vendors

Benefit Technology Resources

Benefit Technology Resources uses RFP360 to build trust and deliver value to clients and vendors.

RFP360 case study


When CerpassRx set out to respond to more RFPs as part of their growth strategy, they intelligently tackled the challenge from tech, process and personnel angles.

RFP360 case study

Swish Maintenance

When completing 200 tenders per year, time savings means more business won. Read how RFP360 is saving Swish Maintenance up to 20 hours per RFP response.

RFP360 case study


Cegid has doubled their sales proposal volume by using RFP360 to manage proposal content, leading to process-driven and easier-to-complete RFP responses.

RFP360 case study


Now that Technolutions uses RFP360, they enjoy a much more efficient RFP response process that empowers them to create more effective proposals.

RFP360 case study

Piper Jordan

To improve their RFP process serve the needs of their clients and vendors, Piper Jordan searched for -- and found -- an RFP management solution that took care of it all.

After implementing RFP360, customers cut project response time in half, create twice as many opportunities, double their pipeline and boost their win rate.

RFP360 case study


National Geographic Learning | Cengage saw their RFP volume jump to more than 120 RFPs per year. The skyrocketing RFP influx completely overwhelmed the small team, who was managing the myriad of responses via email.

RFP360 case study


CareHere responds to more than 100 RFPs each year, usually with only two to five weeks to prepare and submit their proposal. Their previous RFP process couldn’t support that volume.

RFP360 case study


To provide an even greater experience for their clients — and vendors — Lockton sought to streamline their request for proposal (RFP) process.

RFP360 case study


ihouse needed something easier and more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to implement an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them.

RFP360 case study


Before partnering with RFP360, NFP relied on outdated RFP processes that caused frustration and wasted time.