Client discovery for request management

Easily capture requirements to better inform RFPs, ensuring that you’re always sourcing and delivering the best possible products and services to clients.

Simplify your RFPs

Improve client service

Enhance relationships

Finding better products and services starts with client insight.

You’re adept at listening to clients and then delivering products or services that address their needs. But when RFPs are involved, things can get complicated.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily ask client discovery questions online, and then use their responses to build a more effective RFP?

With RFP360, you can create online questionnaires to collect and share client needs with vendors — ensuring RFP-driven projects always hit the mark.

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proposal dashboards and reporting

Find a more effective way to select vendors.

Regardless of what you’re sourcing — benefit plans, IT solutions, financial or legal services and more — we make it simple to find out what clients want, and then issue an RFP to find it.

Our client discovery questionnaire quickly captures essential details from clients and makes any of their responses visible to vendors if you link them to the RFP. It all happens online in one place, so everyone is informed and focused on the right outcome.

Improve client service and vendor engagement at the same time.

When the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm wanted to improve their focus on service delivery and relationship development, they turned to RFP360. Using online discovery questionnaires, Lockton streamlines collaboration with clients, simplifies RFPs for vendors and ultimately sources products and services that provide more value.

Benefit from a more informed, collaborative RFP project.

Client discovery adds to RFP360’s full-circle value — connecting people and information in a single platform to deliver better results.

Discover how RFP360 improves your ability to service clients.