Vendor sourcing and RFP software for consulting firms.

Collect client requirements, issue RFPs based on their needs, evaluate proposals and help them make the best possible decision — in one cloud-based solution.

Our RFP software offers more value and benefits.

We designed RFP360 to help consulting firms simplify their entire sourcing process, so they can stay focused on client service and business growth:

  • Cut costs and increase margins

  • Differentiate your firm’s services
  • Improve the client experience
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Offer RFP360 as a chargeable solution
  • Reduce client and vendor risk
  • Make intelligent buying decisions
  • Gain insight into client needs

We help you deliver more valuable procurement services.

RFP software transforms client relationships and service.

When a leading firm wanted to spend more time consulting with employer groups about risk management, employee benefits and retirement services, they turned to RFP360 to streamline client discovery, sourcing and other administrative tasks.

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Before, we were managing everything through email, so we didn’t have a whole lot of insight into key metrics. Now, we know exactly which vendor teams are working on RFPs, how far along they are in the process, and if they submitted questions to us.”


Eric Hollenbach
HR technology consultant at Lockton

Our features simplify your entire sourcing process.

From client discovery to vendor evaluation and beyond, RFP360 simplifies all of the tasks that surround your RFP-related processes in one place:

Client discovery and vendor profiles

  • Gather and assess client requirements to better inform vendor requests
  • Link client discovery information to an RFx to add clarity and visibility
  • Develop a list of preferred vendors and profiles to streamline the process
RFP360 RFP Knowledge
RFP360 Customer Success

RFx development and administration

  • Create, manage and reuse RFP, RFI and DDQ templates in a central library
  • Issue requests that get better responses and track vendor activity and progress
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients, staff and vendors in one platform

Vendor evaluation and scoring

  • Select evaluators and establish criteria, weights and defaults for scoring
  • Evaluate proposals side by side using objective, data-driven comparisons
  • Generate a final report detailing your decision process and recommendations
RFP360 RFP Knowledge