There’s an easier way to handle due diligence questionnaires.

Whether you need to complete a DDQ or build and send one out, RFP360 streamlines the entire process so you can move forward faster.

Simplify the process

Guarantee accuracy

Support compliance

Provide clear, accurate DDQ responses in fewer steps.

The due diligence questionnaire plays a key role in many business decisions. So if your organization is asked to respond to one, we help you put your best answers forward.

  • Create, organize, review and approve content in a single knowledge library and quickly add answers to any DDQ
  • Leverage answer intelligence (AI) to automatically suggest the best responses to questions, saving time and effort
  • Manage and track workflow tasks and deadlines, keeping the project moving forward and boosting accountability
  • Improve collaboration and compliance, ensuring that the right people work on and approve DDQ responses
Due diligence questionnaires

Easily create, send and evaluate a due diligence questionnaire.

When you need answers about a vendor, partner or investment, issuing a DDQ the right way mitigates risk, accelerates transactions and improves decision-making.

due diligence questionnaires
  • Generate new DDQs quickly by reusing questions, sections and tables managed in a centralized template library
  • Gain crucial insight into DDQ responses and quickly generate a report to support your documentation requirements
  • Capture, score and compare DDQ submissions in one, side-by-side view, streamlining assessment and evaluation
  • Collaborate and communicate securely with approvers, legal counsel, stakeholders, responders and evaluators

Better proposal software equals huge productivity gains.

If your organization is struggling with DDQs, you’re not alone. That’s the reason we developed a due diligence checklist — so you can navigate the cumbersome DDQ process more efficiently and effectively. This cheat sheet outlines key requirements and best practices that help ensure compliance and improve outcomes.

RFP360 Customer Success

We make it ridiculously easy to answer questions.

When you manage knowledge in RFP360, anyone across the organization can use your approved, accurate content to fill in questionnaires, complete forms and build documents — effortlessly. That’s because our integrated knowledge extensions put your expert answers at their fingertips while they’re working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Chrome, Firefox and other applications.

Why financial services firms rely on our DDQ solution.

RFP360 uniquely understands all sides of a financial deal, investment, transaction or process — and developed features that simplify and improve the due diligence experience of everyone involved. You can easily issue a due diligence questionnaire and critically evaluate responses in one place. You can quickly and collaboratively answer a DDQ with quality responses that help you stand out. Either way, we help you get results.

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