Best practices for developing a stand-out executive summary

It’s critical that you’re able to quickly and succinctly demonstrate why your product and services are the best in the market – especially when you’re responding to a written RFP.

Like anyone, evaluators are susceptible to bias, are quick to judge and sometimes struggle to make sense of what they read. To help your RFP responses stand out, experts advise vendors include an executive summary at the beginning of their submissions.

To take full advantage of this advice, consider following these best practices as you develop your next executive summary:

1. Clearly and succinctly reiterate the key points and differentiators of your proposed solution 
2. Use facts, figures and diagrams to illustrate how you’ll enable the client’s success 
3. Tell a memorable and influential client success story that brings your value to life 
4. Ensure the executive summary is about the client – not you

You’ll also want to take extra time to ensure your executive summary and RFP template look professional and provide ample evidence that will help a buyer feel confident adding you to their short list. Just like in grade school and college, the way in which you present your work matters.

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