RFP software for human resources and benefits administration

Improve how you evaluate outsourced services, benefit plans and other HR-related programs with more efficient, effective RFPs.

There’s no substitute for transparent and objective RFPs.


Regardless of your role — HR generalist, benefits administrator or consultant — finding the best benefit plans is a top priority.

It’s a constant challenge that requires an in-depth, fact-based evaluation process that only RFPs can provide. If they’re done right.

With RFP360, you’ll transform time-consuming, complex RFPs into efficient, streamlined requests that return the results you need to make the right choices.

Create an online RFP hub for every sourcing need.

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Your workweek is already hectic. If you rely on email, documents, spreadsheets and other disconnected tools to manage the benefit plan selection process, it’s difficult to keep up and deliver great options for employees.

There are just too many details, too many attachments and too many questions, unless everyone’s on the same page. With RFP360, they are — collaborating and communicating in one place on RFPs, RFIs, RFQs and more.

Stay ahead of the changing HR benefits landscape.

RFPs are only part of the picture when you’re sourcing great employee benefits, like retirement plans, wellness programs and insurance. You also need ways to research providers and their services ahead of time, proactively.

Because you can generate any type of digital information request in RFP360, and score them too, you can easily build a quantifiable shortlist of preferred providers. Profiles help you prequalify companies and simplify your selection process.

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Eliminating the clutter and confusion of traditional RFPs.

NFP case study

When NFP wanted to simplify their RFPs, they asked core vendors to complete an online RFI in advance using RFP360. Those electronically stored profiles dramatically shorten the process and make it much easier to respond and evaluate.

“RFP360 helps us automate and focus on core business. We love the automated scoring. We’re shortlisting faster, and we’re being a true partner to our vendors.”

Mark Rieder
SVP of HR technologies and benefits administration, NFP

RFP360 RFP Knowledge

Find better plans, programs with unbiased scoring.

When you have to make tough, expensive decisions that impact the entire organization, there’s nothing more valuable than objectivity. It’s not easy finding the best benefit plans without it — virtually impossible without the right approach.

That’s the reason RFP360 enables you to leverage data-driven, weighted scoring capabilities with every RFx you issue. It’s a simple yet powerful way to quantify responses, introduce transparency and elevate decision-making.

Increase the value of consulting and outsourcing.

Consultants and related organizations play a crucial role in helping HR departments find better employee benefit plans. While outsourcing is common, efficiently managing those relationships and shared RFP responsibilities is not.

That’s why leading consulting firms and benefit providers embrace RFP360. We offer a single technology where everyone works together seamlessly on RFPs, so consultants, clients and providers can arrive at the best possible solutions.

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