RFP strategic sourcing solutions

Our RFP issuing software makes strategic sourcing more efficient and proactive, so you can easily identify the right product or service vendor.

Issue better requests that deliver superior results.

Whenever you need to send out an RFP or another type of information request, RFP360 makes the process more intuitive, transparent and effective.

RFx development & administration
Manage all requests in a template library — simplifying, standardizing and improving every RFx you create.
Workflow & collaboration
Assign tasks, set deadlines, collaborate and communicate with stakeholders, suppliers and scorers in one solution.
Evaluation & scoring
Collect, score and compare responses in a single view, driving more informed and objective buying decisions.
Dashboards & reporting
Generate reports for insight into past responses and glance at dashboards to see the status of RFPs and tasks.

Enhancing the vendor experience with RFP software pays dividends.


When a consulting firm wanted their RFP process to be more resourceful and efficient so vendors would want to participate in helping their clients, RFP360 paved the way.

“RFP360 has elevated our offering to the next level — we know our clients are receiving the absolute best results.”

Ronni Beckwith
Principal, HR Technology Consulting Practice Leader, ihouse

From every perspective, our software delivers.

Streamline how you engage vendors, collaborate with colleagues, collect information and evaluate responses with full-circle request management.

RFP Software

Introducing a simpler and more structured RFP process starts with RFx development and administration:

  • Build a highly organized template library so you can reuse past RFPs
  • Include data collection tables with formulas and unit-of-measure lists
  • Streamline RFPs for trusted, profiled vendors, asking only new questions

Throughout the RFP process, workflow and collaboration features enhance communication and participation:

  • Assign the right people to create and approve RFx templates
  • Invite vendors to best-in-class response management features
  • Work with stakeholders, clients, vendors and scorers in one place
RFP Software
RFP Software

Vendor and client evaluation ensures that you’re making the best decision based on objective input:

  • Gather client requirements and assess vendor responses with discovery
  • Establish criteria, weights and defaults for scoring and select evaluators
  • Conduct side-by-side evaluations using innovative comparison tools

At any point, you can leverage dashboards and reporting to get a complete picture of your RFP process:

  • Get a real-time process overview with a unique, informative timeline
  • Compare response and data trends across RFPs, vendors and profiles
  • Export a final report detailing how you objectively arrived at a decision
RFP Software

Ready for digital transformation? Your RFPs sure are.

Moving from paper RFPs to “electronic” versions in Word, Excel or PDF formats has a few benefits. But in most cases, unstructured, unmanaged files introduce new and different inefficiencies and frustrations. RFP360 offers you true transformation instead. Every step is digital, from building the RFP and inviting vendors to scoring responses and making a decision — in one place. You’ll save time, reduce costs, improve outcomes and much more.