RFP360 for strategic sourcing.

A smarter way to issue RFx documents and request information.

The benefits of RFP software.

Make issuing RFPs, interacting with vendors and making the right selection easier than ever. RFP software delivers value at every stage of the RFx process — making your team more efficient, transparent and successful.

RFP software streamlines your strategic sourcing efforts from beginning to end.

RFP Software


  • Advanced RFx template creation for faster projects
  • Internal team collaboration to streamline the requirements process
  • Save, categorize and find questions and requirements for any RFx


  • Use task and workflow features to track vendor response progress in real-time

  • Ditch email ⁠— answer questions and send information to every vendor at once
  • Communicate and negotiate with vendors seamlessly for fast, clear contracting
RFP Legal
RFP Software

Request management

  • Automatic side-by-side vendor comparisons with standardized pricing

  • Customizable weighted scoring options for response prioritization and vendor selection
  • Visualize vendor response scores for easier reporting and evaluation

RFP360 highlights