Your knowledge is more powerful with RFP360.

When all of your RFx knowledge is in one place, you’ll deliver more proposals with less effort, increase consistency and create efficiencies organization-wide.

Create better responses

Respond to RFPs faster

Share expert knowledge

A better proposal process begins with knowledge management.

Regardless of industry, department, process or purpose, RFP and proposal management is essentially a question-and-answer business where knowledge is everything.

That’s the reason we developed the most intuitive, efficient and complete knowledge management capabilities around — and made it the focal point of our platform.

With RFP360, you can quickly create, edit, review, validate and approve valuable knowledge and make it instantly available wherever it’s needed.

RFP Proposal Automation
RFP Knowledge Management

Centralize and manage all of your knowledge.

As you craft the perfect answers to questions, our software helps you stay focused. From writing and classification to reviewing and validation, RFP360 keeps it all together, managed and organized in your knowledge library. Everything is there — your organization’s latest and greatest text, data, images, files and more — in a single source of truth.

Create and collaborate more efficiently.

Have you ever heard, “Knowledge is best kept in silos?” Neither have we. RFP360 was designed specifically to offer a better way to work on proposals — together. So if you want to improve how you collaborate on responses, coordinate tasks, engage subject matter experts (SMEs) and distribute knowledge, we have a unifying solution.

RFP Collaboration
RFP Automation

Simplify your routine with automation and AI.

As you start to work on a proposal, and at every step of the process, RFP360 is there automatically suggesting answers based on previous answers and helping you find the best response instantly using AI-driven search. With our answer intelligence and response automation features, you’ll deliver better proposals faster — by design.

RFP Case Study Swish

When a leading distribution company set out to grow business by 5 percent through better proposal management, RFP360 delivered the edge they needed.

“I’d estimate we could be saving anywhere from 4 to 20 hours per tender (RFP) … it’s a significant time-savings.”

Emily Tippins,

Sales Administrator and Copywriter at Swish

Transform how you share and use knowledge.

The knowledge you manage has tremendous value beyond the proposal process. For example, IT likely submits security questionnaires online or support may need to create a professional service quote in Word. Regardless, RFP360 puts your knowledge library at their fingertips, enabling them to insert your approved content without leaving the application.

Find out more about our extensions for Microsoft Office, Chrome and Firefox.

RFP360 Knowledge management
Speed up proposal process

Speed up your process with innovation.

Starting a proposal from scratch wastes valuable time, but you already know that. With RFP360, you can retain and reuse knowledge and boilerplate content so you never reinvent the wheel. Purpose-built features like workflow, notifications, analytics, classification tags, advanced filters and an import engine also increase the velocity of your efforts.

Learn how RFP360 makes your organization more efficient.