RFP360 leadership team

RFP360's CEO David Lintz

David Lintz
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, David is responsible for taking RFP360 to the next level. By drawing on his extensive leadership experience and his proven track record of driving customer-centered innovation, David’s focus is on growing the business and aiding product development.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Ryan Townsend
Chief Technology Officer

Ryan serves as the Chief Technology Officer at RFP360, guiding product development. He has 20 years of technology leadership experience in the software industry. Ryan is responsible for ensuring that our software innovations lead to an outstanding customer experience.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Beau Wysong
Chief Marketing Officer

Beau leads the marketing team at RFP360 as the Chief Marketing Officer. He leverages his background in technology marketing and sales to drive business growth. Beau is responsible for building a market-leading brand, engaging customers and educating future customers with knowledge.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Dave Hulsen
Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Dave is a Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of RFP360. He is responsible for customer services and financial operations. Dave has an extensive history of issuing and responding to RFPs as a technology consultant.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Pat Criss
Senior Director – Sales

Pat is the Senior Director – Sales at RFP360. He leads the sales team and is responsible for implementing strategic growth initiatives, mentoring team members and driving revenue. He brings 10 years of experience in software and technology sales to the team.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Brian Hartley
Senior Director – Customer Success

In his role as Senior Director – Customer Success at RFP360, Brian leads the customer experience team. He is responsible for creating outstanding and memorable user experiences through onboarding, enablement and continuous support.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Brian Gillespie
Senior Director – Finance

At RFP360, Brian serves as the Senior Director – Finance. He provides strategy and guidance for the financial health and growth of the company. Brian has an extensive background in finance, business operations and technology.

RFP360 co-founder Stuart Ludlow

Christina Glapa
Director – Human Resources

As Director – Human Resources, Christina engages and supports the RFP360 team. She focuses on building and enhancing the company culture by consulting on team relations, recruiting, training and compliance.