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Miratech is a multinational legal information services company, offering software and services for in-house legal professionals and companies.

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Mitratech couldn’t afford to deliver anything less than secure, accurate, and exact RFP responses. But their proposal management system — a hodgepodge of shared drives, spreadsheets, project management tools, and manual calendar alerts — wasn’t cutting it.

“I had to be on top of each reminder to make sure we stayed on track,” said Jillian Diehl, Proposal Writer at Miratech. “I was also having to complete painstaking gap analysis of each proposal, based on which cells were empty in the shared drives. It was incredibly time-consuming.”

The problem was two-fold. First, there was no centralization. Each team member had to sign up for half a dozen tools to make sure they’d be notified of the appropriate messages and reminders. 

Second, their database of stored past responses was too difficult to navigate. Engineers and SMEs (subject matter experts) were spending hours rewriting content they knew existed because they were too frustrated with the database to search for it. 

“It was just easier to spend twice as much time rewriting their response, even though it was the same question they’d gotten 18 times before,” Jillian explained. 

But eventually, the time wasted on duplicate efforts was too much to ignore. 

“When our RFP volume started to skyrocket, something had to change,” Jillian said. “We decided there had to be a better way. We knew there was software out there, so we started looking for a solution.”

Miratech turned to RFP360 to eliminate the frustration associated with their previous database. 

“The RFP360 Knowledge Base [KB] has done far beyond what our previous tools could do,” Jilian said. “Unlike the others, it effectively searches past responses and provides matches and suggestions for each question. The ease of use for ‘lay’ team members to go through the KB and find what they need without looping in an SME has been amazing.”

One of the biggest benefits is how the tool helps Miratech respond to lengthy security questionnaires. 

“We respond to about three questionnaires per week. They’re often 350+ questions,” Jillian said. “If I didn’t have this tool to help, I would go nuts.”

And best of all, RFP360 empowers the kind of quick turnaround that’s often the difference between wins and losses.

“A few months ago, a major overseas client came to us with an RFP. We were in a very good position to win the business, but we had to submit our proposal within six business days,” Jillian explained. “With RFP360, not only did we turn it around in time, no one had to work over the weekend.”

RFP360 empowered Miratech to more efficiently respond to RFPs — including a 33 percent reduction in time spent writing proposals. 

“We’re getting more out of RFP360 than we anticipated,” Jillian said. “We decided that if all we got out of RFP360 was effective knowledge management, it would be worth it, but the task reminders, progress status tracking with all the nice graphs, and the ability for SMEs to communicate and adjust without pulling me in have all been great added benefits we didn’t expect.”

Those in charge of security and IT enjoy the benefits of RFP360, as well.

“Not only does this tool help Mitratech respond to official RFPs, but it’s also enabled us to respond more effectively to security and IT questionnaires,” Jillian explained. “It’s allowed me to take my security SME essentially out of the loop, so he’s no longer spending 20 hours a week on security questionnaires.”

Jillian also touts RFP360’s world-class customer support.

“The RFP360 customer support is also absolutely amazing,” she said. “I reach out with a question, expect a response within a couple of days, but then get a call with an answer within half an hour. I didn’t expect that, and it’s been awesome.”

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