Our partnerships drive better RFP solutions.

There are multiple ways we partner with organizations—forging relationships that result in more effective RFP services and technology.

We’re at the forefront of the RFP evolution.

The RFP process is changing rapidly. It’s more dynamic and collaborative. Faster and more complex. And buyers and sellers need to be more connected than ever.

That’s why our software is designed to help organizations work together seamlessly, efficiently and transparently, whether they’re requesting information, responding to requests or both.

We apply that same approach to partnering with consultants, strategic alliances and technology providers—building collaborative relationships and solutions that benefit everyone.

Consulting firms

Many of the world’s leading firms use our RFP software to streamline the strategic sourcing and procurement services they offer to clients. By working with us, they quickly gain insight into client needs, issue complex RFPs faster, find better vendors and make great buying decisions.

Consulting firms can use our technology as a value-added service or as a differentiating solution that clients are willing to pay extra for. Regardless, we partner with consultants to help them exceed client expectations while cutting costs, increasing margins and reducing risk.

Technology partnerships

Having great relationships in the technology industry is essential, especially when you’re continually searching for ways to innovate. As we design, build, deploy and support the industry’s only full-circle, integrated RFP software platform, we’re always looking to add value for our customers by working with and cultivating key IT partnerships.

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Strategic alliances

As demand accelerates for our unique approach to RFx software, so does our chance to engage with like-minded organizations that share our vision and passion. We’re teaming up with some exclusive strategic partners in the RFP world and beyond to take full advantage of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and deliver the best possible solutions and services to customers.

“I couldn’t ask for a better partner. We use a lot of technology, and RFP360 is at the top when it comes to responsiveness and attention.”

Kelly Ellis

Director of Administration and Operational Excellence, Piper Jordan