Dashboards and reporting for response management

Analyze key proposal development metrics while evaluating how much time your team spends on tasks — so you’re always ahead of the RFP curve.

Track insightful metrics

Visualize real-time data

Identify bottlenecks

When everything’s right in front of you, you’ll never fall behind.

You’re busy. Your team is busy. Your organization’s subject matter experts are busy. The last thing you need is RFP response management software that gets in your way.

That’s why we designed RFP360 with a dashboard mentality, giving you purposeful, visual insight into virtually every step of your proposal development process.

But we didn’t stop there. We also empower you to report on how long tasks take and how much time you save by leveraging previous work — replacing busyness with winning business.

RFP Proposal Automation
proposal dashboards and reporting

Know exactly where projects stand in real time.

What do customers like most about RFP360? At the top of the list are the project metrics displayed on every proposal dashboard. Through dials and charts, you’ll get an instant but complete picture of the project’s status, from not started to pending approval to complete and more. You’ll also see the progress of each writer and approver and learn when work will be complete.


Better visibility gives your team a winning edge.

Whenever you’re dealing with complex RFPs, larger proposal teams or quick deadlines, there’s nothing more valuable than insight. In this popular article, you’ll discover how to find strength in numbers, improving your proposal process using dashboards and reporting to help you win more business.

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RFP Knowledge Management
RFP Automation

Access tools and information in one place.

There’s more to developing a successful proposal than just writing great answers — approvals, reviews, communications, tasks, status updates and other activities play a big role. By design, RFP360 gives you instant access to all of the things you need to know about and work on in a single dashboard view. So you can have your expert responses and deliver them too.


Track how much time is spent on proposals.

How long does it take to answer an RFP question? How much time can your team save by reusing previous answers? With RFP360, you can effortlessly collect this information and visualize it in charts and graphs. Not only will you be able to better evaluate your team and resource needs, you’ll see the impact of your process improvements.

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Discover how RFP360 helps you see the bigger picture.