Dashboards and reporting for request management

Glance at dashboards to see the progress of an RFx, generate reports that analyze trends and create closing books that document your decision.

Visualize key metrics

Identify valuable trends

Increase transparency

With a complete picture, your RFx process will never look better.

Issuing an RFP, RFI, DDQ, security questionnaire or other RFx requires managing a lot of moving parts that often head in different directions. How do you keep everything on track?

Having access to the right information is a great place to start — and finish. With RFP360, you can rely on intuitive dashboards and reporting features to guide you through the entire process.

Project data is always at your fingertips. So is the ability to compare and evaluate projects in detail. Better insight, better visibility. There really is a better way to make strategic decisions.

vendor dashboard and reporting
RFP Knowledge Management

Get a real-time view of your RFx projects.

The concept for RFP360 is simple — be the hub for all of your RFx needs. Our dashboard makes that possible, driving extra efficiency into your routine. When you select an RFx, your current project status, tasks, notifications, respondent activity, messages, scoring progress and more is displayed in easy-to-read panels. You also can launch related features with one click.

RFP Case Study Swish

When a leading benefits provider realized that their time-consuming RFP process was keeping them from better serving clients’ and vendors’ needs, they decided to make a change.

“(RFP360) has given us the ability to show the client the numbers. They can see the time and day each vendor submitted. They can see who responded on time, who was late, who asked for an extension … all of that reporting is readily available.”

Kelly Ellis
Director of Administration and Operational Excellence at Piper Jordan

Compare RFx trends to better inform choices.

With consolidated reporting, you can drill down into your RFx projects, easily exporting information that improves sourcing and procurement decisions. You can evaluate responses across similar RFPs, see how a particular vendor’s responses have changed over time, get a year-over-year comparison and even send supplier profiles to clients. It’s all there in RFP360 for you to discover.

RFP proposal software RFP360
Speed up proposal process

Create reports that close out your decision.

As you wrap up your project, you can easily generate reports that detail how you objectively arrived at a decision — exporting scoring details, responses from each vendor, side-by-side comparisons, respondent negotiations and more. With RFP360, you’ll have every piece of information you need to analyze and archive your last RFx plus inform and improve your next one.

Discover how RFP360 gives you a more efficient view.