Workflow and collaboration for request management

From communicating with vendors and suppliers to organizing teams and tasks, working together in one RFP management system is key to unlocking efficiency.

Accelerate the process

Manage projects easily

Boost communication

Better results from an RFx start with better teamwork.

There are some important software ingredients that are now essential to a successful RFx — collaboration, messaging, workflow automation and project management.

That’s because modern RFPs, RFIs, DDQs and other information requests are more dynamic and complex than ever, requiring everyone involved to be highly organized and connected.

Valuable team-building functions are the fabric of our cloud-based platform, making it easy to manage tasks, meet deadlines, collaborate with anyone and communicate from anywhere.

RFP Management System
RFP Knowledge Management

Stay on task with RFP project management.

As you craft an RFx, you can quickly assign work to the right people and automatically keep them in the loop. Set a task for counsel to help draft legal questions. Select an IT expert to approve security sections. Add a business unit owner to the scoring team. Regardless of who’s involved, RFP360 brings everyone together so you always meet project deadlines — and expectations.

Centralize and manage project communication.

Effortlessly send messages inside our platform to team members, clients, scorers, vendors, suppliers — anyone related to your RFx — without getting bogged down sending emails and tracking files. And because your RFx questions, respondents’ answers, and all messages in between are exchanged electronically in RFP360, your process is incredibly efficient, entirely transparent and completely fair.

RFP Collaboration
RFP360 Art of Procurement

RFP360 co-founder, Dave Hulsen, joined Art of Procurement host Philip Ideson for an engaging look at how organizations can make their RFP process more strategic and efficient.

Topics include best practices for building RFPs, tips for vendor negotiation and communication and much more. Read all about the popular podcast episode in our recap.

Invite people to respond in fewer steps.

Because of our full-circle approach, you can invite contacts to respond to an RFx inside our platform — and we automate the workflow for you. No emailing, importing, exporting, uploading or downloading. It’s more efficient, quantitative and objective — and 100 percent electronic. You can easily follow your invited respondents’ path, tracking their progress as they use RFP360 to get you the answers you need.

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Speed up proposal process

Negotiate and clarify answers before deciding.

RFP360 also simplifies how you communicate with and provide feedback to respondents who are participating in your RFP or other information request. After a vendor, supplier, partner or other contact has submitted their answers, our negotiation feature enables you to have a follow-up conversation with them, asking for a better price or a clearer response.

Discover how RFP360 makes you more organized and effective.