Vendor profile template

Manage vendor information with vendor profiles for faster sourcing.

Building successful vendor relationships can save your procurement team time and money, but managing updates and information requests through email is inefficient. With vendor profiles, also called supplier profiles, vendor assessments and supplier questionnaires, you can manage all of the most important supplier information in one centralized location. Use these profiles to quickly reference a supplier’s background, capabilities, differentiators and details of their product or service offering. 

The benefits of using vendor profiles include:

  • Faster vendor selection ⁠— Issue your RFP to only the best-fit candidates
  • Shorter RFPs ⁠— Take advantage of easier RFPs
  • Vendor-led updates ⁠— Centralized, shareable profiles enable vendors to offer updates in real time
  • Faster vendor onboarding ⁠— Quickly gather crucial information to qualify new suppliers

Download this vendor profile template to streamline vendor relationship management and speed up your recurring procurement projects.