Use Technology to More Effectively Respond to RFPs

Part 1: How to create internal processes that support success

Responding to requests for proposals (RFPs) requires tremendous coordination. Various key stakeholders must work together to ensure issuers receive accurate, up-to-date information that addresses their key concerns.

Fortunately, technology — such as RFP360’s end-to-end RFP management solution — can help streamline that coordination, leading to quicker responses that are more likely to lead to wins … but how you use that technology matters.

Below, you’ll find advice on how to develop an internal RFP response process that effectively leverages the benefits of RFP360.

Final thoughts
It’s important to establish a proposal management process to ensure that RFP response deadlines are met and stakeholders understand their role in winning new business. Software solutions, such as RFP360, can be leveraged to write responses, assign tasks, track progress and submit your proposals.


Use Software to More Effectively Respond to RFPs

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