Stay ahead of the curve with request management software.

Streamline your complex sourcing and procurement projects with our evolutionary, full-circle approach to RFP management.

Improve every aspect of the RFx sourcing lifecycle.

Better information is key to making the right decisions — we help you collect what you need with smarter, simpler information requests (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs and more). RFP360 transforms the entire RFx process, where each step takes place in a single, online workspace.

The RFP process is broken. We’re here to fix it.

Most people dread RFPs. They’re notoriously difficult with a lot of moving parts. And there’s often a disconnect between procurement teams and potential vendors that leads to disappointing results.

Solving the problem requires a holistic approach that efficiently brings both processes together. RFP360 does just that — empowering the best possible sourcing outcomes through better request management.

RFP Software
RFP Software

Request management software is essential to better procurement outcomes.

An emerging software category, request management comprises the methods used to gather and evaluate information from a vendor, supplier, partner or client. The purpose is to drive more intelligent, automated, efficient and objective decision-making during the sourcing process.

Request management includes data-collection tools like RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, risk assessments, profiles, security questionnaires and more.

Make more informed decisions with our request management software.

We deliver the features your sourcing and procurement team needs to identify the right products and services for your organization:

We’re always focused on your success.

Benefit from request management software that revolves around you, with features that help you accomplish more with less effort:

RFP Software

Deliver an invited vendor experience that boosts engagement.

Whenever you issue an RFP, RFI or other information request, are you satisfied with the answers you get in return? If you’re like most procurement professionals, you want more — more participation, insights and engagement.

That’s exactly what you achieve with RFP360. By providing invited vendors with built-in, best-in-class features to respond, more of them will give you more of what you need.

Make your next RFx project completely electronic from start to finish.

Even with RFP software in place, many still rely on disconnected spreadsheets, documents and emails throughout their sourcing process. But knowledge still is tough to find and tasks are frustrating to complete.

What if you could publish any type of RFx and have vendors respond in the same, online workspace? We imagined it, and built a full-circle solution that delivers an end-to-end, digital experience — the eRFx.

RFP Software