RFx development and administration for request management

Issue an RFP, RFI, DDQ, security questionnaire or any other type of information request with ease and speed — introducing a seamless, digital process (eRFx).

Issue requests rapidly

Get better responses

Track real-time progress

When issuing a complex RFx is easy, making the right strategic decision is simple too.

Finding a great vendor, supplier or partner can be difficult and time-consuming. And the pressure’s on strategic sourcing, procurement and operations teams to choose wisely.

RFP360 empowers you to collect information more efficiently than ever, so you get the answers you need quickly. The moment you decide to issue an RFx, we’re there every step of the way.

From building templates and publishing requests to inviting respondents and monitoring progress, our software makes your process simple, thorough and 100 percent electronic.

Proposal Automation software
proposal dashboards and reporting

Create an RFx in the quickest way possible.

It takes just minutes to start a new request in RFP360, whether that’s an RFP, RFI, DDQ or other RFx. You’re then able to add sections and questions, scorers and evaluation criteria in just a few clicks — managing the entire process online, in a single view. You also can leverage previous work again and again, saving it in a template library that’s always at your fingertips.


Collect advanced data using tables and lists.

A key benefit of RFP360 is the ability to add tables and drop-down lists to any RFx template. You’ll no longer need separate spreadsheets or documents to capture more structured information like pricing, financial figures and product descriptions. And with lists, respondents can quickly make a selection from a set of answers you define — simplifying and standardizing their responses.

Proposal Generation

Best practices put strategic sourcing projects on the fast track.

Who has the time to create RFPs from scratch? That’s why organizations in record numbers are turning to electronic templates to kickstart strategic sourcing and procurement. In a recent article, one of our experts offers best practices for developing a better template.

RFP Automation

Fix your process with digital transformation.

RFP360 seamlessly connects teams who need to request information with those who want to respond, in a single, digital workspace. So you develop and issue an RFx, invite vendors who submit proposals, and then you evaluate them — all electronically in the same, cloud-based platform. Finding the right product or service has never been easier for everyone involved.

Deliver a superior vendor experience.

When you publish an RFx, our system automatically invites the list of contacts you’ve selected to participate. Once they accept, RFP360 offers a uniquely intuitive experience that makes it simple and free for them to answer questions and deliver proposals. You also can streamline requests for short-listed vendors, follow everyone’s progress and communicate with contacts.

Proposal Generation

Discover how RFP360 transforms the way you collect information.