There’s a more effective way to manage security questionnaires.

Respond to questionnaires quickly with confidence or develop your own assessments to evaluate vendors — RFP360 simplifies both sides of the process.

Reduce time and effort

Mitigate security risks

Standardize responses

Fill out security questionnaires with ease and accuracy.

Security questionnaires are more common than ever, because data risks are too. The problem is, answering them is tedious and time-consuming, unless you have a solution like ours.

  • Effortlessly manage all of your latest and greatest security and technical content in a single, secure knowledge library
  • Provide quick access to your expert knowledge and leverage answer intelligence (AI) to suggest the best possible answers
  • Complete a popular assessment (CAIQ, NIST 800–171, SIG/SIG-LITE or CIS) once and reuse your answers again and again
  • Establish tasks, reminders and deadlines to improve collaboration with subject matter experts and streamline approvals
security questionnaires

Add structure and speed to your security questionnaires.

Increasing data and technology risks have put a premium on properly evaluating a vendor’s approach to security. RFP360 improves and simplifies your assessment process by design.

security questionnaires
  • Build questionnaires quickly, importing questions from popular assessments or reusing ones from your template library
  • Establish scoring criteria, weights and defaults for every security question and assign the right people to evaluate them
  • Conduct side-by-side evaluations using visual scoring and comparison tools and analyze vendor responses over time
  • Select and invite vendors to answer your security questionnaire in RFP360 and then track their progress throughout

Close deals faster with a better security response.

More and more, security questionnaires are coming between organizations and signed contracts. From losing a deal to delaying the sales process for days, weeks or more, responding efficiently and effectively matters. Here’s a timely article that offers an in-depth look at the impact of improving your approach.

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Providing responses has never been easier.

Using RFP360 to manage the knowledge you need to answer information requests — security questionnaires, RFPs, DDQs and more — makes responding incredibly efficient.

That’s because our knowledge extensions empower anyone across your organization to instantly access your expert knowledge without leaving the productivity applications they’re working in, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Chrome and Firefox.

Why organizations rely on us for strategic IT sourcing.

RFP360 uniquely understands all sides of the technology buying-selling process — and developed features that simplify how organizations identify, evaluate and select the right vendors. You need products and services you can rely on, especially from a security perspective. You also want to reduce costs and risks. We make it all possible, ultimately helping you connect with a best-fit vendor that has your back.

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