There’s a more effective way to manage security questionnaires.

Quickly create comprehensive and technical questionnaires that vendors efficiently complete in a single, online tool.

Mitigate security risks

Centralize all assessments

Streamline your process

Add structure and speed to your security questionnaires.

Increasing data and technology risks have put a premium on properly evaluating a vendor’s approach to security. RFP360 improves and simplifies your assessment process by design.

  • Develop custom questionnaires quickly or leverage popular assessments (CAIQ, NIST 800–171, SIG/SIG-LITE or CIS)
  • Create a template library, reusing content and components from a previous assessment to deliver a new one in minutes
  • Centralize the entire security questionnaire process, empowering you to collect vital information more efficiently
  • Ensure security questionnaires provide seamless support for your initial sourcing process and annual evaluations
RFP Security Questionnaires | RFP360
RFP Security Questionnaires | RFP360
  • Establish scoring criteria, weights and defaults for every question and assign the right people to evaluate them
  • Invite vendors to answer security questionnaires online with built-in, best-in-class features and track their progress
  • Conduct side-by-side evaluations using visual scoring and comparison tools and analyze vendor responses over time

Better vendor relationships start with better security assessments.

Vendor relationships are crucial to an organization’s success. But with data breaches and security risks at an all-time high, how can you protect yourself? Security questionnaires hold the answers, but only when they’re easy to create, issue, track and evaluate — and simple for vendors to complete.

Whether you want to assess risk during procurement or ensure ongoing compliance with annual questionnaires, we offer a better way to survey topics like:

  • Security audits and penetration testing
  • Security certifications, practices and policies
  • Personnel, hiring and training policies
  • SLAs, uptime and business continuity
  • Web application and data center security
RFP360 security questionnaire
RFP360 Customer Success

Analyze vendor security responses with reporting.

When you use RFP360 to issue security questionnaires, you also gain access to our consolidated reporting capabilities. Why is that important when managing security questionnaires?

Being able to drill down into responses provides you with even more security insights — evaluating similar responses, seeing how a vendor’s answers have changed and getting year-over-year comparisons.

Learn about dashboards and reporting

Why organizations rely on us for strategic IT sourcing.

We uniquely understand all sides of the technology buying-selling process — and developed features that simplify how organizations identify, evaluate and select the right vendors.

You need products and services you can rely on, especially from a security perspective. You also want to reduce costs and risks. We make it all possible, ultimately helping you connect with a best-fit vendor that has your back.

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