Securing your RFP process is our top priority.

We protect your organization’s most valuable RFP information, so you can use it to secure a winning bid or an important purchasing decision.

A more secure process is driven by experience.

As the pioneer of full-circle RFP software, we’ve seen a thing or two.
What does that mean from a security perspective? We’re experienced at staying ahead of the curve.

So our customers can stay focused — on winning new business or sourcing the perfect vendor and supplier instead of worrying about security breaches, downtime or lost data.

Whether it’s our corporate practices, platform design, development approach or cloud infrastructure, your security always comes first.

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Security partnerships

No technology provider tackles today’s modern challenges alone. That’s the reason we partner closely with leading experts across the security spectrum, so we can stay proactive when it comes to things like deployment framework, authentication, cloud infrastructure and services, company practices and much more. Here are a few of our key partnerships:

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Account workspaces

It’s not just enough to protect your RFP management system from outside threats. You also need to be able to easily lock down sensitive projects, users and knowledge, keeping them separate and secure.

With our unique account workspaces, you can — based on department, area, team or other purpose. Plus, they’re easy to set up, manage, audit and use.

Authentication and authorization

Our single sign-on (SSO) authentication approach provides numerous benefits, such as reducing the burden on IT staff and simplifying the user experience. RFP360 fits into any SSO strategy, supporting the SAML standard, Okta, Google SSO and Microsoft Active Directory (AD DS).

We also offer industry-standard encryption for alternatively stored credentials and a role-based structure for authorizing access to the application.

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Compliance and certification

It’s important to be certain that your RFP system is securely managed and protects your data and privacy — and shields the vendors, suppliers, partners or clients you engage with too.

You can rest easy with RFP360, because we’re SOC 2 certified (by an independent auditor) and GDPR compliant. Better yet, our customers can request a near real-time RFP360 security report anytime through our compliance application.

Availability and accessibility

RFP360 consistently surpasses the uptime that we guarantee in our service-level agreement and prides ourselves in maintaining high levels of availability.

Our servers are backed up on a continuous basis, data center access is strictly controlled and monitored 24-7, and our global hosting infrastructure can support your country’s unique data localization requirements.

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Operations and practices

From ongoing employee training and companywide assessments to cutting-edge technologies and third-party reviews, RFP360 stays vigilant. We employ an operational monitoring tool that notifies us if security thresholds are crossed and provides a 360-degree view of our complete security and compliance posture.

Our application servers are continuously monitored for security threats, as are key metrics within our cloud-based resources and applications.

Discover how RFP360 secures your RFP process.