RFP vendor profiles for request management

Collect key information about vendors, suppliers and partners to streamline your next RFP, create short lists and simplify the experience for preferred providers.

Streamline sourcing

Build better short lists

Keep profiles current

Better information leads to better strategic sourcing decisions.

While RFPs are designed to identify the best possible product or service, there are a few best practices that can save your team time and improve results.

One of the most effective strategies is capturing profile information from vendors, suppliers or partners and then maintaining a short list of preferred providers.

RFP360 makes it easy to create and manage digital profiles, giving you a central repository of trusted vendors you can leverage to simplify your procurement process.

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Select the right supplier with ease.

With vendor profiles, you’re able to prequalify providers and make more intelligent sourcing decisions. These online questionnaires are simple to create and easy for your invited vendors to complete.

You can score answers, and vendors can update them anytime. So instead of hoping RFPs find their way to viable vendors or suppliers, why not ensure they reach ones that can deliver the quality product or service you need?

Capture valuable vendor data.

How important is having accurate, helpful knowledge about your vendors and suppliers at your fingertips? According to a recent survey from Wakefield Research, it’s vital and costly — to the tune of $2,431 per supplier record.

Our vendor profiles take the stress and cost out of maintaining great vendor and supplier records, empowering you to easily and proactively collect the valuable data you need. Then you can access them anytime, informing every purchasing decision you make.

proposal dashboards and reporting

How to improve your sourcing process with vendor profiles.

Vendor profiles, also referred to as supplier profiles, vendor assessments or supplier questionnaires, help you capture insightful information about providers and speed the selection of products and services. In a recent article, one of our top consultants shares her thoughts about the power of profiles — how to use them to empower a more strategic vendor management approach.

Benefit from making your next RFP more efficient and effective.

Vendor profiles fit seamlessly into our full-circle approach to RFP management, which is designed with one purpose — your success.

Discover how RFP360 makes you more informed and effective.