Evaluation and scoring for request management

Make better buying decisions by collecting proposals, scoring responses, negotiating with vendors or suppliers and comparing results — in one platform.

Simplify RFx evaluations

Compare side by side

Improve outcomes

With more visibility and objectivity, making the right choice is easy.

When you issue an RFx to make a strategic purchase for your business, source benefit providers for clients or review existing vendor relationships, better insight is paramount.

That’s why we offer a real-time view of the vendor selection and scoring process, empowering you to quickly review proposals side by side using data-driven input from your scoring team.

With RFP360, everything is right in front of you — delivering the tools and information your team needs to easily identify the right product, technology or service.

Vendor selection software
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Introduce a selection strategy that gets results.

It’s important to start the RFx process with the end in mind. After all, making the right buying decision is everyone’s ultimate goal. With our simple yet sophisticated scoring capabilities, you can quickly assign a scoring team and configure scoring criteria up front as you build your RFx — ensuring you get the results you need.

Streamline your evaluators’ scoring experience.

Thoughtful, objective evaluations are what you need most from your RFx scoring team. Because RFP360 is incredibly easy to use, your evaluators can spend all of their time focusing on the task at hand — carefully reviewing and appraising responses. So when submitted proposals are ready, valuable recommendations are close behind.

Proposal Generation
Proposal Generation

Increase objectivity with visibility settings.

Whenever you issue an RFx that includes scoring, you can easily hide scoring results, scorers, vendor names and unassigned sections until all evaluations are complete. Scoring visibility settings ensure that your scoring team is never influenced by other evaluations, people or preconceived vendor preferences — adding extra layers of objectivity.

Getting the RFP scoring process right is key to vendor selection.

From establishing priorities and organizing a team to defining how you want to score vendor or supplier requirements (type of scale, weights and so on), there’s a lot to consider. Here’s an insightful article that guides you through a simpler, more successful process.

Give stakeholders access to scoring only.

Let’s say you’re a consultant who wants to enable clients to view scoring results without having access to the rest of the RFx process. Or maybe your organization has internal stakeholders and external partners who only need to score proposals. With our flexible permission model, you can customize roles to fit any scoring use case that comes your way.

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Negotiate responses and clarify answers.

RFP360 streamlines the process of communicating with and providing feedback to vendors or suppliers who have submitted their response to your request. With our negotiation feature, you can have a direct conversation with your point of contact to clarify a response, ask for more details, request a best or final price and ask follow-up questions.

Close the book on your ultimate decision.

When you’re making a strategic purchase, the pressure is on to make the best possible choice. RFP360 empowers you to quickly export all supporting information — scoring details, side-by-side comparisons, vendor messages and more. So you have a transparent record of the process, proof of objectivity and a final report for archival purposes.

Proposal Generation

Discover how to simplify vendor evaluation, selection and RFP scoring.