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Because RFP360 is designed to enable users on both sides of the proposal process, we combine technological expertise with an understanding of the unique approaches and complexities RFPs — and RFIs, RFQs, DDQs, security questionnaires, etc. — require.

That means faster, effective, and scalable proposal completion — which leads to better outcomes.

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Distribute RFPs and easily compare vendor responses for informed, consistent decision making.

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Simplify collaboration and maintain a content repository for easier proposal response completion.

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  • RFP Questions
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    Top RFP Questions to Ask Your Team and Vendors
    Whether it's your first RFP or your 101st, sometimes we end up staring blankly at our team, wondering if we've covered all our bases. Learn how to identify and manage sources of vendor risk throughout the RFP and contract review process.
  • Proposal Content
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    How to Get Deal-Winning Content From Your SMEs
    Tired of waiting for subject matter experts (SMEs) to answer crucial RFP questions only to get last-minute responses that … aren’t great? Learn the steps you can take to ensure SMEs consistently provide you with the content you need to win more deals.
  • RFP management case study RFP360
    Case Study
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    ihouse RFP Success Story
    ihouse needed something easier and more dynamic than Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and tracking vendors. They wanted to implement an RFP process that was so efficient, every vendor would want to work with them.
  • RFP360 new slogan
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    What It Means To Grab Life By The RFP
    If you haven’t heard the news, we recently rebranded. In addition to changing our name to RFP360, we also came up with a brand-new tagline: Grab Life by the RFP.
  • RFI vs RFQ vs RFP
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    RFI vs RFQ vs RFP: Which Should It Be?
    To select the perfect vendor, you need answers to your critical questions, but how do you ensure you ask the right questions? It often comes down to whether you should issue a request for information (RFI), request for quotation (RFQ), or request for proposal (RFP).
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    RFP Weighted Scoring - Demystified
    An overview of how precise RFP weighted scoring works, the main steps involved, and how to optimize your vendor selection process.
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