You’re well-connected with RFP360 integrations.

When you integrate Salesforce, Word, Excel, Chrome, Firefox and more into your RFP process, you’ll improve productivity and eliminate information barriers.

A more connected process is fueled by integration.

There’s a basic question that organizations need to answer before purchasing RFP software. Does the integration actually complement your existing process or complicate it?

At RFP360, we build purposeful integrations that enhance the key applications our customers rely on — and make those technical connections simple and transparent.

So if you need to create a proposal from your CRM, import or export an RFP in various formats or use your knowledge somewhere else, our integration gets you there, effortlessly.

RFP360 Integrations

Our RFP software integrations partner well with other technologies.

RFP360 Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration

Directly from any opportunity record, you can launch RFP360 and create a new proposal that automatically pulls in Salesforce contact information for you. You’re also able to seamlessly manage associated proposals and review real-time project details in an embedded dashboard.

Microsoft Office add-in

Instantly access the knowledge you manage in RFP360 and insert it into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Outlook emails without ever leaving those applications. Our add-in also intelligently suggests content when you select a word or phrase, using AI-enabled search.

RFP360 Microsoft Office Integration
RFP360 Browser Extensions

Browser extensions

Quickly find the right answers in your RFP360 knowledge library and paste them into online questionnaires, assessments and electronic forms using Google Chrome or Firefox. You can launch our extension from your browser toolbar with a single click and use it inside any active window.

Hubspot CRM app

Initiate a proposal inside Hubspot’s CRM, opening a new RFP360 project with a single click and filling in key deal details automatically. Connecting our app gives you instant access to the proposal and live status, deadline and other project updates from the deal record view.

RFP360 Microsoft Office Integration
RFP360 Browser Extensions

Slack workspace

Receive important updates in Slack whenever task, message and notification actions take place in RFP360 as you’re working on an RFP project. You can click the message link to instantly open the proposal so your team can take action — writing, reviewing, approving and more.

Integration speeds up the proposal process.

Cegid RFP360

When a fast-paced sales team wanted to respond to more RFPs, RFP360 added velocity to their process while leveraging content that already existed in Word, Excel and PDF files.

“Responding to RFPs is much more streamlined and structured. We have a process we use to assign questions and upload content, which really accelerates our response time.”

Matthew Combs

Sales Coordinator at Cegid

RFP import

Because proposals come in many sizes and formats, RFP360 offers a number of options for importing the RFPs you’ve issued, RFPs you receive, or proposal content you’ve already written. We make it easy and quick to bring it all in — from Word documents, Excel spreadsheet templates and PDF files.

RFP Import and Export
RFP360 Export

RFP export

Maybe you’re ready to submit a proposal that requires a particular format. Perhaps you want to archive an RFP that you’re issuing or compare all vendor responses side by side. Regardless, RFP360 enables you to quickly export the information you need into a format that works best for everyone.

SSO authentication

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication delivers a number of benefits, such as enhancing the employee experience and reducing the burden on your IT staff. RFP360 fits right into your SSO approach, supporting the SAML standard, Okta, Google SSO and Microsoft Active Directory (AD DS).

RFP360 SSO authentication

Discover how RFP360 integrations simplify and unite your process.