You’re well-connected with RFP360 integrations.

When you integrate RFPs into procurement and sourcing routines, you’ll improve productivity and eliminate information barriers.

A more seamless process is fueled by integration.

There’s a basic question that needs to be answered before purchasing request management software. Does the integration actually complement your existing process or complicate it?

At RFP360, we build purposeful API and other integrations that enhance the key technologies our customers rely on — and make those technical connections simple and transparent.

So if you need to share information with other solutions, import or export RFPs in various formats or use your knowledge somewhere else, our integration gets you there, effortlessly.

RFP360 Integrations

Integrate RFPs with your tech stack using our APIs.

api RFP360

Let’s say you want to push RFP results into a business analytics tool, combining it with data from various applications to uncover new process insights. Or maybe you want to sync the vendor information from your RFP software with a separate vendor management system.

With our APIs — you can easily and securely make these and other back-and-forth data connections between RFP360 and other key procurement and enterprise business systems.

Our RFP software integrations partner well with your processes.

RFP360 Export

Response management

Our software connects teams requesting information with those who respond to their requests in a single, cloud-based workspace — collaborating anywhere, anytime. How’s that possible? Integration — invited vendors can freely use best-in-class response management features built right into the RFP360 experience.

JSON export

Interoperability is an important part of building a modern strategic procurement and sourcing tech stack. That’s the reason we enable you to export a closed RFP’s metadata and vendor responses in the most widely used data format for data interchange on the web — JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

RFP360 Export
RFP360 SSO authentication

SSO authentication

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication delivers a number of benefits, such as enhancing the employee experience and reducing the burden on your IT staff. RFP360 fits right into your SSO approach, supporting the SAML standard, Okta, Google SSO and Microsoft Active Directory (AD DS).

RFP export

We offer a range of integrated options for quickly exporting the RFP information you need into a format that works best for everyone. From scoring details and response comparisons to vendor messages and complete proposals, our export feature ensures each RFP adds value after the project is complete.

RFP360 Export

Discover how RFP360 integrations simplify and unite your process.