Have all the right answers? You do with RFP360.

Instantly add the expert knowledge managed in RFP360 into Microsoft Office files or online questionnaires and forms — without leaving those applications.

A single source of truth, wherever it’s needed.

When you use RFP360 to manage proposals, all of your organization’s most current, trusted and approved knowledge is in one place.

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone across your organization could access that knowledge inside the productivity applications and browsers they use most?

With our knowledge extensions, they can have it all, right at their fingertips — eliminating rework, improving outcomes, mitigating risk and more.

RFP Management

Increase collaboration, productivity when using Word, Excel and more.

Excel and Word RFPs

With a click of a button inside your Office applications, users can access all of the curated knowledge you manage in RFP360. Even better, the answers people need are automatically served up by selecting a question or words in a file. Simply copy and paste them wherever you need them.

So you can respond to ridiculously complicated RFPs in Word or Excel or drive consistency and quality into PowerPoint presentations. Our Office add-in can help you do it all — providing the most accurate, approved messaging available as you and your colleagues work in Office and Outlook.

Here are a few ways to use the RFP360 add-in for Microsoft Office:

Complete online information requests in record time.

As more and more information requests are handled online, you and others in your organization need a simpler way to find, copy and paste the latest and greatest answers to questions.

Without leaving your Chrome or Firefox browser, our extension delivers the exact knowledge you need — in the context of what you’re working on.

Just click our button in the browser’s toolbar to access all of the knowledge you keep in RFP360. Within seconds, you can find the right answer and paste it into any field or text box.

Online RFPs

Here are a few ways to use the RFP360 extension for Chrome or Firefox:

Packed with benefits by design.

Because knowledge is at the center of our platform, you have a unique opportunity to save time, effort and more with our extensions:

Discover how to extend the reach and value of your RFP software.