6 Unexpected Ways to Leverage Technology in Your RFP Process

Managing requests for proposals (RFPs) probably isn’t how you’d spend your time given the choice.

Between gathering requirements from internal stakeholders, gathering vendor responses, and evaluating each proposal, there are a lot of moving parts … and those parts always seem to move in the wrong direction.

(Learn how RFP360 can simplify your organization’s RFP process.)

Fortunately, technology can make RFP management more … well, manageable.

Below, we’ve compiled advice to help you make the most of technology during your RFP process.

6 little-known tricks to make RFPs a little less infuriating.

How RFP360 can help

RFP360 — the only end-to-end RFP management solution on the market today — was designed to make the RFP process easier than ever.

“Using RFP360 allows us to focus on the most important aspects of the RFP and makes managing vendor information much more straightforward,” said Mark Rieder, SVP of HR technologies and benefits administration at NFP.

Learn how RFP360 can improve RFP management at your organization.

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