Build a better RFP process.

Discover tips, tricks and best practices to improve the RFP process.

RFPs are a key part of how businesses interact and exchange information. Explore the resources below to learn how you can craft better RFPs and proposals that support your strategic business objectives and help you achieve your goals.

RFP basics


How do you know when to issue an RFI vs RFP vs RFQ? Using the right RFx document for each situation means you’ll get better results. Explore the differences between an RFI, RFP and RFQ, and learn which RFx document is best for your needs.

RFP process and steps- The ultimate guide to streamline your process-58

Explore the RFP process from beginning to end. From creating your RFP and the vendor selection process to proposal scoring and vendor evaluation ⁠— this guide covers everything you need to know to find the right supplier.

RFx definitions

The world of RFPs and sourcing is full of confusing terms and complex ideas. Use this RFP glossary to learn RFx definitions, RFP abbreviations, procurement acronyms, RFx process terminology and RFP common terms.

Issue RFPs that deliver results

Top Request for Proposal (RFP) Questions to Ask Your Team and Vendors

Before you issue an RFP, you must understand what your business needs. Start by asking your stakeholders these key RFP questions and see suggestions for the best questions to ask vendors.

How to Write a Killer RFP [Podcast]

Check out this podcast that explores how to avoid RFP mistakes, make it easy for vendors to create great proposals and how to communicate to make your next RFP even more effective and successful.

RFP template best practices

RFx templates can fast-track the sourcing process. Learn how to build a thoughtful and thorough template with template best practices and pull inspiration from other RFP template examples.

Create winning RFP responses

Proposal templates, formats and tools: Create better RFP responses faster

Create winning RFP responses in less time. Investing in your RFPs can pay dividends, but where should you start? Explore the best RFP response templates, elements of a proposal, tools and examples.

Ebook Winning Formula

RFP responses need to have just the right balance of customer focus, problem solving, project planning and professional design. Explore how to create an effective proposal in this guide.

How to write a killer cover letter

An RFP cover letter is how you introduce your business to buyers. Explore why tips for what to include to make it memorable, examples and a template you can use to get started.

Automate your RFP process

RFP automation RFP360

Simplifies the RFP process and save time with RFP automation. Learn exactly what RFP automation is, as well as the benefits, steps and trends you should know about.

ROI ebook cover

ROI is an important factor in any RFP software purchase. But, it can be difficult to know where to start. Download this guide to learn how to calculate ROI.

Business Case template

Win budget for RFP technology that improves efficiency, collaboration and consistency. Learn how to write a business case and download the template.

Improve vendor selection

Strategic sourcing guide: 7 steps and best practices

Building vendor relationships can save your business time and money. Explore the how strategic sourcing works to build beneficial partnerships.

The ultimate procurement process guide-105

Learn a procurement process that improves vendor selection and ensures purchases solve business challenges and deliver a return on investment.

Vendor weighted scoring

Proposal scoring makes it easier to select the right vendor. Discover how to use data-driven weighted scoring to make the process clearer and easier.

Discover how to streamline your RFP process.