RFP360 & The Art of Procurement RFP webinar

Misused and misunderstood: Reclaim the power of the RFP

Requests for proposals (RFPs) are a well-known tool for procurement teams and vendors alike. Certainly in the right situation, an RFP can be an effective way to gather important information. Unfortunately, far too often an RFP is used for a procurement project it’s not suited for. Consequently, the process becomes burdensome and frustrating.

This webinar, hosted by Philip Ideson, Founder of the Art of Procurement with guest Dave Hulsen Co-founder of RFP360, explores how to reclaim the strategic power of the RFP process. The discussion addresses some of procurement’s biggest challenges and offers helpful advice to improve vendor relationships.

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • How to make the most of the RFx process
  • Tips for building effective, attractive RFPs
  • Insights for engaging your business and stakeholders
  • Advice for negotiation and proposal scoring
  • How to improve vendor communication